Saturday, February 20, 2016

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Little at a time revisited yet again

I don't have very much computer time today.  Hubby has been on the phone to the Geek Squad (the great nerds at Best Buy!) learning how to import the Excel spread sheets from the backup hard drive to the new 2016 Office download. 

I think he has finally gotten it but during his lunch break, I grabbed the computer for a Pantry post!  (Someday I need to squeeze a new laptop computer in the budget for the Study but anticipated plumbing costs are coming up first.)

It seems ages since I've been able to just chat awhile.  Last week I popped into Menard's for two of their food grade buckets and two lids.  The oats have been poured into one bucket and one bag of converted rice should find its' way there today. 

It got me thinking again at how we can have an emergency pantry for just a little money to spend on it.  Personally (and so do a whole lot of my pantry friends), I believe we really really really need to have at least a few weeks of basic food put back.  Just too much going on in the world that could disrupt transportation of food products. 

If one reads most prepper sites, it is easy to get overwhelmed because of everything recommended to purchase.  However, you can do a whole lot with just a little at a time.  Not to mention you don't need a year's worth of food unless that is what God is telling you to do.  Then, yes... but He will also provide for what He calls you to do!

I have a good friend on a very limited retirement budget and the basis for her emergency pantry is rice (a few large Sam's bags in buckets) and cans of soup that can be warmed up and poured over cooked rice to make an entree.  Great idea and it doesn't take much room to store.  I converted her to converted rice (pun intended).

Even if you have a large family, basics such as oats and rice will stretch a long way and they at least keep "the wolf from the door", using the old fashioned expression.  Add to the basics what you need for making a meal. 

I will, of course, wax poetic about the pantry again next week.  God willing.  Each week I wonder what I will say for if you think about it... I've been talking about the Pantry for years and years.  But usually He provides something to talk about.  This week by making an inexpensive Menard's purchase.  ;)


rebecca said...

Phew! I caught up! I especially enjoyed the "little anchors" post...
It's time for me to restock the pantry a bit. I've not been in the shopping "mood" for quite awhile and have been drawing from our shelves. Probably a good thing, since I've not been so conscientious about watching expiration dates, etc.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I've been thinking of doing a pantry post of my own, as over this winter we have eaten from our pantry a few different weeks when we were stretching the budget. It has been a blessing. I've been reading at The Bluebirds Are Nesting and at A Working Pantry. Patsi has me wondering about whether I should cook the turkey I have in the freezer and then can it, so it wouldn't be spoiled or lost if the electricity went out. Thoughts? I kind of think that if it went out and we had to cook it, then it would get eaten up pretty quickly with this crew!

Having staples stocked up this week I was able to get away with less than $60 for groceries!

Thanks for all your great posts on this subject!

Vee said...

It's time here to start restocking the pantry...Pickens are pretty Slim. Oh the joy of your having a new laptop. If you have your request in then it is just a matter of God's timing.

Oh, here's something I was going to mention because you first recommended it. I have been using some nice dishsoap...fragrant and pleasant to use. There are times when I actually look forward to hanging out at the dishpan.

Cheri said...

Once again, we are thinking along the same lines, Brenda. Hubby is out ice-fishing right now with some buddies (hoping for a nice mess for the freezer!), so I unwittingly spent some (too much!) time in some prepper sites. After I realized how long I had been online, I went to the kitchen and did an inventory.

I'm trying to shop just once a month, so finally recording how many cans, bags and jars we have of this that or the other thing will be so helpful in meal planning. At this point, I think we are good for a few months, although hubby may not be satisfied with all of the meals I have in mind.

I so appreciate your blog. I lost my blogging mojo a while back and keep hoping I get it back again, because I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for keeping at it and for continuing to inspire and instruct.

mdoe37 said...

Aren't those buckets at Menards handy?......and no one looks twice when you purchase a couple. And a gamma lid too for your bread flour! (which is parked in the corner of my kitchen) I'm paring through my stash, deciding what "appropriate levels" are. As well as the fact that I need to move the stuff near the furnace....I'm not sure the furnace guy will know what to make of it all when he puts in the new furnace and AC...(yup, actually being done ahead of time as its 25 years old and WILL quit working at the most inopportune moment when I'm not home....husband is not handy)

I've been re-reading Granny Miller's post on her pantry storage and how she handles being an American Housewife, as opposed to a prepper. Sounds Aunt Bee-ish doesn't it?

I'm trying my hand at livestock.....I have 10 quail out in the shed and they are starting to lay a few eggs. Every little bit of knowledge helps!

(oh and if you see unsubscribes on your end, I did, but I'm changing emails! I'd NEVER think of missing a post!)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Menards had those buckets! They are on my list - thank you so much for all the wise words and information. Blessings, Dee in MN

Anonymous said...

I was just telling my hubby that autumn seems the right time to stock the pantry but I NEED to get out of that mindset. I can watch for chicken on sale to can or can cheese sauce when supplies start to run halfway low. The garden produce is wonderful to can but it is only a part of my pantry. Always enjoy your posts! I'm thinking some buckets with gamma lids is a great idea. Pam (SD)

The Journey said...

Don't forget to suck the air out because of bugs- we've lost 25lb bags to the bugs before (rice).