Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Tea - The "Word" is Anchored

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn
I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm*

I began praying about a "Word" for the year quite awhile ago, at least seven or eight years have passed.  It has proven much better than making a list of resolutions.  For I have found He gives me a word that proves to be the center of much of my pondering and writing that year.

Oh, I still make short resolutions.  This year one is to "eat more vegetables".  Not change my diet or stay away from chocolate or anything else that requires a lot of planning.  Simply to eat more vegetables.  I figure that alone will improve the diet.

I had a sense upon entering December that I knew what the word would be about but not the word itself.  Images kept whirling around my mind.  Thoughts and pictures of the world as it had been in 2015.  Concerns in my own life.  Wondering what will happen in the next year.

The Mideast is about to explode.  Only the hand of God is keeping it from doing so.  Will this be the year He lifts His hand?  I'm a big believer in Bible prophecy... albeit the first to admit I am not understanding every jot and tittle.  But I get the big picture.

Isis is threatening.  Everyone.  Terrorism is not only possible but those in the know tell us it is probable.  Even here in between two oceans.   I live within an easy drive of three major U.S. cities and all three have sections where violence and shooting and death are in the news on a daily basis.

The economies of the world began a slow downturn last summer, took a big plunge for a week or two last fall, and now are once again in free fall.  Will it all continue or will we once again get a respite from a complete collapse?

In the midst of all of this, I have been praying as I am certain many of you have.  I feel as if there is no sane person in leadership of any country.  How in the world are they making the decisions they are which affect the very survival of you and me and our children and our grandchildren.

I told God I felt... untethered.  There was a day when I was praying... most likely while doing dishes... telling Him I felt as if the world was in a storm with hurricane force winds blowing around us each day.  All I could envision were storm clouds and wind and lightening and seas raging and wondering if we should move to a safe place!  Like Antarctica.

It was during such a prayer that He gave me the word... anchored.  No matter how the storms of life rage... no matter how out of control I feel... no matter what the world looks like... I am anchored.

We are anchored.  You are anchored.

Many years ago now (it seems like yesterday), when I was going through years of intense trials... I would lay face down on the floor and tell Him that I could not live one more day unless He gave the grace.  I had this mental picture of Him standing calmly in the midst of a raging storm and I had my arms around Jesus (or his ankles), holding on for dear life. 

He did bring me through and restored much of what I had lost.  But I came away from those years with more than when I started.  Like Job, I knew of Him before that period of time.  I had followed Him since my teens.  Since the Jesus People days.  But clinging to Him for my existence those years caused me to know Him.  Jesus.  The Person, not the religion.

So this is where you and I are going to spend some time this year.  Especially in the first few months.  As I prayed about what to write this year, I told God that I wanted Coffee Tea Books & Me to be a safe place.  A cozy place.  A happy place. 

However, I felt Him say that He wants it to also be a place where Truth can be told.  I felt as if there were a lot of people reading who felt all alone.  The media and television and movies and talk shows and even some preachers tell us that the world has moved on... there are few who still hold on to old fashioned Christian values... and those who do are stupid or at the least uneducated.

No.  They are wrong.  Don't believe it!  There are plenty of other people who sense something is really, really wrong and still hold onto the Truths of the Bible!

For you see, there are a whole lot of us who feel the world is falling apart and it cannot be put back together like it was.  Well... it was never perfect you know.  Not since Eden.  So I will not turn away from Truth. 

But at the same time, there will be no talk of presidential politics or social media stars or such.  You don't have to be concerned about underwear ads popping up on the sidebar.  We will pray for an answer to the refugee crisis but we will not debate how to settle it.  For good people have definite opinions on all kinds of things.

We will find ways to be anchored in Jesus.  There will be more book talk.  You can rest assured there will be photos now and then of a certain Maine Coon.  I hope to show and tell some creative projects.  There will be photos of thrift store finds and the tweaking of various places in the house.  We will chat about the importance of our surroundings as the storms of life rage on.

This year I will be anchored, this blog will be anchored, and my prayer is that you will be anchored... whatever storms come our way.  If necessary, hold on tightly to His feet!

Photo:  The Son of God movie
*The Anchor Holds by Ray Boltz


lynneinMN said...

Beautiful word. And wonderful writings & musings! The picture of hanging onto Jesus's ankles during the most violent of storms, is an awesome one.
"As for me & my household, we will serve the Lord"...
Thank you. Lynne in MN

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

A lovely post, Brenda...I like your word...For a time I thought mine would be "create" but I ended up choosing "liberate". It means, for me, liberating myself from fear. We are not supposed to be afraid. We are told perfect love will cast out fear. I know that various kinds of fear keep from doing things I could do and things I think I should do. So I hope God will liberate me from this fear and that is what I am concentrating on doing this year. It is perhaps not that far from Anchor!

Vee said...

Anchored is a good word in treacherous times like these.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

This word is perfect! I love it!

I am with you, I want to speak truth, but to focus on the Lord and how we can live in Him, encouraging each other.

I'm glad to be your friend, Brenda and to share life long distance with such an amazing sister in the Lord.


ellen b said...

You chose a great word with a lot of special meaning and truth connected to it. I just finished a post about choosing a word, too. Truth is always good and I appreciate it. I do like cozy and fun and safe, too! Blessings to you as you move ahead in this year anchored to our Savior.

Anonymous said...

Very true and wise words. And as you said at the first, the hand of God. . ." that is where we need to be for truly He has everything under control and nothing happens that surprises Him. He is our anchor, our rock, our salvation. Blessings to you in this New Year. Sharon D.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! Awesome word for this year! After all, Jesus is the Anchor of our soul! I'm looking forward to your future posts, as a place of refuge during turbulent times. (It is an election year!) I really appreciate your thoughtful insights with your honesty and straightforwardness. And, I always look forward to seeing your favorite Main Coon kitty, how you tweak your decor and your newfound treasures!
I asked God for a word for this year and felt He gave me "Hope". He is our only hope in a world gone crazy! He gave me a picture years ago when things were falling apart around me, of me clinging to a huge rock in the midst of a storm, reminding me that He is my Rock, my sure foundation. I've never forgotten that! I drew a rough picture of it and stuck in my Bible as a reminder. So, no matter what happens this year, or in the future, He is our Anchor, our Hope, and our Rock!
Laura C.(WA)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your thoughts this year! I always feel safe and cozy here!

Mrs. H

Mary M. said...

Love your word. I chose one this year for the first time. Mine is "Trust." I need to trust God in everything and it has been so liberating as He always knows best. I look around me and feel as if our country and the world has gone mad. Your blog is a lovely, safe place away from the storms of life and "anchored" is perfect. Thank you Brenda.

Marie said...

What a wonderful post, and you've chosen a very appropriate word. Do you mind if I use it too? :) I always look forward to reading your blog and a good visit with a friend.

Lori said...


Thank you for sharing your word for the year. It is a good one and much needed.

Thank you for your blog, it is a favorite of mine for all of the reasons you stated. Looking forward to 2016 anchored in Him and finding some coziness on the internet in your writings.



Keri said...

I love this, Brenda. I love that this is your word and that you're going to live it out, in part, by sharing it with us, your readers. I look forward to coming here for an anchor - for reminders of the Anchor - in a stormy world.

Mary said...

So true! I also love the picture of you holding onto His feet or ankles while the storm of life raged around you. From all the comments above, we can all surely relate. How encouraging to have someone "say" or write what you feel and to say it so well. So glad He still has "7,000 who haven't bent their knee to Baal" while the world is self-destructing around us. This is a safe, comforting haven as some said above. And, I really appreciate your saying we can make a difference by having peace, prayer and beauty in our piece of the world....our home. I'm all about cozy and safe ;) God bless us all!

Susan said...

Great, timely word.

Lord, thank you for your grace.

I love the idea of clinging to His ankles.

rebecca said...

Several years ago, my mother planned her funeral. She was insistent that song "The Haven of Rest" be played at its beginning - along with the bells that preceded it on The Haven of Rest radio program years ago. Today she is totally dependent on others for her life as she resides in the dementia unit of a nursing home. I spend afternoons with her at least 4 times a week. The song passes through my mind just about every time I see her - including the line, "I've anchored my soul in the haven of rest; I'll sail the wild seas no more..."

I know your blog will bless all of us in the year to come, should Jesus tarry.

Kim said...

Bless you Brenda.. looking forward to this new journey!

Kellylynn said...

Love you, Brenda :)

Cheryl said...

Because I am almost continually playing catch-up these days, I am here in the wee hours of Tuesday morning to read your Sunday afternoon post. I am glad that I came and that I discovered your thoughts here. Yes, an Anchor is what we need! Yes, the world is crazy...and sinful...and doomed. Why do we try so hard to fix it when it will not be fixed? What can be "fixed" are individual souls. May we continue to share that hope! We need The Anchor! said...

Beautiful words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this message today. I will hang on to my Lords words and promises, they will keep me from feeling the fear from this failing world. Your blog is such encouragement and comfort as to know you are thinking the same thoughts as I. We can all go through this together. My thoughts and love go out to you.

Heather LeFebvre said...

I love your word! And all that it means! It's really so perfect for right now. One verse that I've been thinking a lot about came from listening to the Queen's (England) Christmas day speech in which she quoted John 1:5: The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. A good one for our day.

Anonymous said...

I so needed to read this this morning! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

I have always came here and felt a calmness to your blog. I knew your center was God. Holding you fast. I am the lone Christian in my immediate family and this is the first generation of our long family that has children that are not believers. I feel I have really let God down letting my unbelieving husband be such an influence to our children. I did the best I knew how but still it has ended up as it is. I only pray they will have a change of heart. That their hearts will not be closed. I thank you for being here for all of us. Keeping it real and teaching us. For letting God lead you. I know there are many of us who don't comment so I am speaking I feel sure for many. Sarah

Front Porch Grace said...

A happy place, a warm place, a cozy place. A place I love to visit. Thank you Brenda, for sharing your place.


Front Porch Grace said...

A happy place, a warm place, a cozy place - thank you Brenda, for sharing your place. It's a favorite place of mine.