Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Just chatting...

Christmas tree 2015

I'm really here.  In person.  Not in a rerun of an old (but popular) post.  Life became crazy busy for awhile and when one has to move slowly throughout her days, it takes awhile to recover.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Mrs. Christopher's family here.  We enjoy their company and it is always an excuse to get my husband to finish some long awaited projects.  ;)

There are a few projects that need to wait until Spring.  We had to get the leak in the roof fixed a few weeks ago before it did further damage to the ceiling in the kitchen.  Come Spring, when the windows can be left open, the kitchen ceiling will be patched and painted.  The pipe was fixed coming in from the well (thank God!) but a new well pump needs to be put in come Spring, too.

Hmmmm... it almost makes one want to rent a condo.  But I'm not.  I'd miss waking up to see the neighbor's red barn and the forest next to the gravel lane.  

I decorated the Christmas tree one day and then the next found out my sister was in town. Christmas decorating went into double time so at least the living room was done before they arrived for the visit (just a few hours later).  The family room was decorated yesterday.  It all looks very Christmas-y now.

Bonnie's place always looked gorgeous every Christmas when she lived in town.  (I'm sure it still does in Georgia.)  Christopher loved the way his Aunt Bonnie decorated, which never failed to surprise me.  She has a primitive country-Victorian style.  We overlap at the primitive country but I mix it with English country.   My son liked hers better.   I did, too, each Christmas.

I decided to use most of my decorations this year.  Even the porch is going to get festive again.  We had a new family move in to the former farmhouse on our lane and that family has kids.  So I figure that is reason enough to make the porch look pretty.  Kids absolutely love things to look decorated at Christmas.   The "decorate porch" box is set out and ready for nice weather to combine with a burst of energy.  My energy.

I will wax poetic more about this favorite Season in days and weeks to come.  In the meantime,  my very precious friend (and a favorite writer), Lanier, had to say goodbye to her father this past year.   She has written beautiful thoughts about feasting in a time of great sadness... here

I should admit that this morning my husband walked into the front room with me sobbing over the iPad.  It didn't help when I told him that I didn't understand God at all letting Lanier's goat die.  Yes, he did look at me as if I'd lost my mind.  But then I showed him a photo of Puck and how we had been praying he would get better.  But Puck died in surgery yesterday.

Puck, a beautiful pet Nubian goat.  Another loss for my friend.  Anyone who has loved a family member with fur knows that the hurt can run deep... and she is already feeling the pain of loss.  So if you would, mosey on over and read her beautiful words and say a prayer for her in the season mixed with great Beauty and Goodbyes.

I will be back in a day or two.  God willing and the creek don't rise (and nothing else in the house springs a leak).  There is a symmetry... water I wanted didn't come in due to a leak in the pipes and water in the form of rain in the kitchen that I didn't want made its' way in.  I expect my house is asking me to make up my mind.  Do you want water or don't you?


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Fun chat!

It is crazy, how things get wonky like the water/rain issue. God has a sense of humor.

I love Christmas decorating and mostly do garlands lights and silver type stuff now. Cheryl, whose home I love dearly, is Early American and it makes my heart happy when I visit there.

I'm glad you had a visit with your sister. Not having any sisters, I have adopted some blog sisters and I'd love to take a trip some year and visit them all! Wouldn't that be fun?


Debbie said...

I giggled when you made you comment about God. ;) I pictured Him sitting in heaven saying "What do you want woman, water or not water". Yes, I do have a slightly warped sense of humor. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Our children are all grown and gone and every year I think I'll put less decorations out. Then the season rolls around and I find myself ready to decorate the big front bow window. We live in the city and several school buses drive past twice a day. So as you will decorate the porch for your new neighbors, I will decorate the window for the children on the bus.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I always enjoy your chatty posts. You have a gift for making yourself real to your readers and I think that is how you do it - by chatting.I was so happy to hear about your Thanksgiving and am wishing you a very happy Christmas season. How lovely your tree looks! I'm just beginning with my decorating, but last Sunday we already had our first singing around the Advent wreath. That's a dearly loved family tradition since 1972, the year I married. And now my daughter Emily has taken it up.

Rachel H said...

Brenda, your tree is beautiful! I am recovering from knee replacement surgery, so the house is not even clean, much less decorated. We had thought we would go to our daughter's for Christmas and just not bother with a tree. But she found out she will have a week off and wants to come home with hubby and kids and have Christmas here. So the tree will go up, as well as the Nativity and wreath on the door. I put some Christmas linens on the dining room table yesterday. Looks pretty. Getting in the spirit!

Vee said...

So sorry for your friend who is already bruised by grief. I'd be wondering why, too, knowing full well that God has a plan and He is always working for our good. Sigh.

Only a mind like yours comes up with the irony of the water, but then you think of your home as a person I think. =D

The tree is beautiful. I love Blogdom most especially at this time of year just so I can peek at Christmas decor.

Carrie said...

Stopping by to play a little catch up again. I love (LOVE) that you decorated your porch even thinking about the neighborhood children. This particular adult also so loves seeing people decorate for Christmas (and enjoy it)! Even if I can't see your porch, I love it. :D

Here's hoping there are no more leaks!

Carrie said...

I love (LOVE) that you decorated your porch even thinking about the neighborhood kids. Even this adult loves seeing people's decorations. Although I can't see your porch, I love it! :)

Here's hoping for no more leaks!

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed seeing the Christmas decor at your place. Warm, personal, unique & charming. (I've been fighting the urge to open an Instagram account - but now I'm not so sure...)