Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Glimpses of Christmas (Part 3)

A Winter sky...

I find it difficult to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Partly because the time seems to have doubled in speed during the last two weeks.  Partly because of the crazy weather.  It is Christmas week and we are currently under a tornado watch.  While not uncommon in the Fall months, I have never heard of such a thing this far north in December.

But on the bright side... we don't have to shovel all that rain.  I was also able to get all Christmas errands run without worrying about ice and snow on the ground.  But still... it is going to be a very muddy Christmas.

I will show the remainder of the photos I took last week but first I have to say hello to some special ladies... all friends with Saltina.  Well, kind of... I would call each out by name, too.  But since I can't, I send a hearty moo to the entire barn and a hug for each one of them.  :)

Since we will be alone and my husband is still (literally) under the weather, I am making his favorite meatloaf and mashed potatoes meal for Christmas.  It will be easy, provide leftovers, and I think lure him out of his lack of appetite.

So here are a few more photos from my decision to sparkle this year.  I have been collecting Christmas decorations since I was first married (a long time ago).  When Stephanie still lived at home, we would go to our favorite gift shops after Christmas to find wonderful ornaments and decorations on clearance.  She had a nice collection of her own when she left home.

Many are also gifts (like the snowman candle I found on my Welcome mat a few days ago... thank you whoever is the Secret Santa!), garage sale and thrift store finds, and that beautiful wicker rocker is from my neighbor's trash when he moved!

So here are a few more photos from my determination to sparkle this year...

All the books except for Christmas with Rosamunde Pilcher are from book sales over the years.  I found her book at a great price third party on Amazon... here.*

She shares photos and stories of a Christmas in Cornwall, a Christmas at her home in Scotland, and a beautiful Christmas short story.

The hedges are trimmed, the hedges are trimmed!  Did I mention the hedges are trimmed and sculpted and looking beautiful?  Hubby did a wonderful job on the one day he felt well recently!

Here is the old wicker rocker I kept from the landfill!

Last but certainly not least, a close up of that face looking out the window and supervising my photography.

Victoria wants you to know she was quite satisfied with my efforts except she really really really wanted to be outside "helping" me.

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Debbie said...

Your wreath is stunning! I do hope your hubby feels better soon and that you have a quiet but beautiful Christmas.

Vee said...

Curious Victoria... Everything on your porch looks fine, the hedges are beautifully trimmed. Praying again for your hubby to be feeling better immediately. Is the Christmas music on? Keep sparkling, Dear One!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your world is sparkling and very beautiful! I am still decorating and Alice and her family are coming here on Christmas Eve! How beautiful your hedges look. And that wreath is the most beautiful I've seen this year...May you have all the blessings of Christmas this year and always!

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I'm so sorry that your husband is still not feeling back to normal. What a good wife to make sure he enjoys Christmas by cooking his favorite meal and decorating your home. Merry Christ-mas, Brenda and a Happy New Year!

tealady said...

Love the picture of Victoria.

Sandi said...

YAAAAAH! How crazy beautiful is that sunset??

mdoe37 said...

Lovely decorating Brenda! Shoveling all that rain to the north as well. There's nothing wrong with meatloaf....did Christmas the other half's family on Saturday. Granny Miller's Meatloaf recipe, mashed potatoes, and mackies & cheez for the small set. Ice cream sundaes, of course! Its going to be sloppy joes tonight and taking the folks to Fifth Third Ball Park for the light show.

Judy said...

Dear Brenda,

Your home is overflowing with your delight in this season, and your posts in the lead up to Christmas this year, have nourished faith and encouraged perseverance in hope - thank you.

Praying you will be blessed with the quiet joy of God's presence as you celebrate, that your pile of lovely books will provide refreshment from sometimes difficult times, and that your husband will be well enough to enjoy the meal you lovingly prepare.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing! Love your Porch and Christmas decor! Praying your hubby feels better and you have a cozy Christmas!
Christmas Blessings,
Laura C. (WA)

Anonymous said...

Hedges look great and glad your husband was doing okay that day. Thanks for sharing your memories, lovely pics, and your faith in the most recent posts. Gail

Morning's Minion said...

Beautiful face in the window! As we age 'keeping' Christmas becomes simplified and less focused on the actual date to be together for a meal.
Strange indeed, even here is South-Central KY, to have a December that has been all about rain and mud!