Saturday, November 14, 2015

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Getting ready for the Holidays

Christmas shortbread...

I don't want to shock anyone but just in case you do not know... Thanksgiving (American) is just around the corner.  It is twelve days away.  Amazing.  I was even watching for it this year and it still popped up so fast!

I am so thankful that I've been slipping a pound of butter in a Ziploc bag now and then when they go on sale.  Each gallon size Ziploc bag holds three or four packages and I now have two full bags in the deep freeze ready for Holiday baking. 

I stocked up on my favorite King Arthur flour when it was on sale, again a little at a time.  Chocolate chips were purchased at a great price at Sam's Club and the food pantries in the area have been handing out bags of dried cranberries.  I still have plenty of sugar left from last year's post Christmas sales.

It never fails to please me how a "little at a time" stocking of the pantry can show such big rewards.   I was thrilled to walk into Kroger last week and find turkeys on sale for 69 cents a pound.  I'd tucked a $20.00 bill back for such a sale so I could purchase one immediately and tuck it into the deep freeze. 

Thanksgiving is at our house this year and I love having the kids and Mrs. Christopher's family with us.  We enjoy their company and with so many bringing sides, and desserts, and helping with clean up... many hands make for less work. 

I will once again bake the turkey and make the gravy and my mother's dressing recipe is a must or it wouldn't be Thanksgiving and I will make pumpkin pies and cranberry relish and now for an out of breath sigh.

Of course, the brown transferware dishes will come out and I polished the silver this morning while listening to Christmas music so the top of the buffet will be shining.  I love the Holidays.  Most years.

There was a comment made recently that now is the time to stock up on items for baking and I agree completely.  I will definitely be purchasing items for the pantry that are still needed and keep a little funds back for after the Holiday sales.  I hope there are as good of clearance sales this year as I found last year.

On another note... my prayers go out for the City of Paris and those affected by the terrorist attack.  We now know the name of one American killed, a twenty year old design student from California.  Which made me even sadder for I was once the mother of a twenty year old design student...

The borders were closed in and out of France.  We live in a world where the unexpected can happen at any time so be prepared my friends.  One never knows when the trucks will not be able to bring food for the stores... whether due to terrorist attack or a snowstorm.  Keep safe.

Did you put back water this past week?


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I bought some water a few weeks ago. Small bottles and a few gallons.

A little at a time. Yes! You are set for baking. I happened to find a Turkey on sale at Target a few weeks ago for .79 cents a pound. I happen to have one in my freezer from last year when I was able to purchase an extra one. We often host a large gathering for Thanksgiving so I like to think ahead to prepare. This year I believe it will be smaller, which I am thankful for as we have a big December coming up. Tim turns 50, then there is Christmas, Emma and Vinnie's wedding on the 29th, then New Year's Eve, Lindsay's bday on the 1st, and our 28th anniversary on the 2nd. One thing at a time, preparing a bit by bit!

Love your posts and encouragements!

Anonymous said...

I heard that among other things sugar may be in lower supply later than is normal. Due to weather in sugar producing areas. If El Nino comes in as strong as they say in California that might change some pricing later too. That is all to be expected. Each year there is word of one thing or another that could be short. Also pumpkin next year is to be lower due to weather now. So I also hope those cans of pumpkin hit the store clearance shelves!! :-) Here we just got weather under 80 and boom it is Thanksgiving!It is such a joyous and cozy time of the year though. Each season has its utter charms and then it is al so quickly it seem on the the next one. Sarah

Vee said...

When I heard the news that all public buildings will be closed in France for an indeterminate amount of time, I prayed that people would have enough in their pantries. The French usually shop daily for their bread and veggies. God be with them.

Yes, we were given water so that worked out. I thought I was doing well to find a Butterball for .89 cents a pound, but you win the prize! I have not been doing so well with butter and having to get the house brand, which neither of us like. I'm still watching.

Thanksgiving for your family sounds wonderful this year. You must be happily puttering away. Enjoy the anticipation...=D