Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My World this Week

Farmer's Market Flowers

This is the time of the season when each day looks different here at the edge of the forest.  I can see more of my neighbor's red barn and a brilliant sunset can now peek through the trees.  Just a little.  More to come.

Did you see the Blood Moon?  It was very cloudy here so I couldn't see it at all but Christopher texted me close to 11:00 to tell me the clouds were breaking up and he could see it.  So Hubby and I headed to the deck and Eureka!... there it was!  Perhaps not as stunning as it would have been to view closer to the horizon but still pretty amazing.

So beautiful and so odd to view the moon that color.  I went out again but this time I didn't stay long.  Forest.  At night.  More than a little creepy for one with a vivid imagination.

Otherwise, this is what has been happening in my world through the lens of a point and shoot camera.


Farmer's Market

We finally made it to the Farmer's Market to use our Senior Citizen vouchers.  I hope to buy more honey before it ends in October.

Morning Light


My husband has been asking me to make oatmeal cake for weeks.  It is his favorite cake that his mom made and the recipe came from their old church cookbook, where I still go for many of her recipes.  You can find a link for the recipe below.*


Apple Cider Time

Thanks to modern technology, I can enjoy the most delicious hot apple cider one K-cup at a time.  My favorite is the Green Mountain Natural Apple Cider K-cup.  A dear friend sent me some for my birthday in July!  I saved most of it for cool Fall nights.

Her Fluffiness

She was hoping I was in the Study to sit at the desk and "we" would do some work.  She would soon be quite disappointed but I had to snap this photo before leaving.

*Oatmeal Cake recipe... here.


Rebecca said...

Hope your week continues to unfold beautifully.
"FOCUS" is what stood out to me (on your chalkboard). How I need it.

Anonymous said...

Love "Your World This Week"--pretty flowers, neat desk, and books, always books.. Kitty looks ready to go to work. That cake looks scrumptious. Blessings, Sharon D.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great week!

I am loving the change of season! We are getting rain, rain, rain, and it is tropical but the humidity goes away and the temps drop tomorrow. It's going to be cool! I'm eager to make Chicken tortilla soup!


lynneinMN said...

Oh that Royal Highness, Her Fluffiness! She has the most beautiful green eyes! Thank you for sharing, once again, your world with us. Our mornings in Northern MN have been frosty the last couple days, and the leaves are changing - such a beautiful portrait God creates for us! Blessings to you and yours! Lynne in MN

Vee said...

What a cute expression Victoria is wearing! I don't know how you managed to carry on without sitting down. The moon was beautiful. Glad that you caught a glimpse after all. Looks as if you are settling in for a beautiful October.

Anonymous said...

We watched the Lunar eclipse, but it was still dusk as it was rising and was very pale at first, here on the west coast, until it got darker. It was fascinating to watch! On Monday night, the big full moon was big, bright and beautiful as it rose on the horizon! I giggled when you said you didn't stay out long to view because of living on the edge of a forest with a vivid imagination.....Does that come from watching "Finding Bigfoot"? 😉 (couldn't resist!)
I'm impressed with how tidy you keep your desk! And how can you resist sweet Victoria and her sweet expression, asking, "What are we going to work on today?" 😊
As always, thanks for sharing your world with us!
Laura C. (WA)

tealady said...

The moon really was a sight to see,the red was stunning, a little creepy like some scary movie.

On a brighter note I am loving the weather this morning in Wisconsin I woke up to 45 degree outside temp.

the flowers are beautiful, today I'm going to have my son pull out my fall decorations so that the house and patio can get all ready for fall. and then the big decorating plans get started. our mobile home park has a little Christmas decoration contest. No big fighting here just a fun way to talk to all the people who live here.

I took advantage of the after Christmas sale on decorations. I waited a week before shopping the pickings were slim but yet I got some really nice things.