Thursday, September 24, 2015

My World this Week

One of the benefits of having blogged for awhile are the friendships developed with blog readers through the years.  What a wonderful group of people you all are.  Consider yourself hugged.  (((Hug)))

During my blog break, I finished the Study completely... except for the usual tweaking, of course.  It has been over four years since Christopher moved to an apartment with his good friends close to campus.  That is when I started the re-do.  Then when Mrs. Christopher (and thus... moving out) was official, the re-do was in full force.

When they decided the big bookshelf would not fit his current home office (and it is even bigger than it looks in photos), Hubby and I were given the approval to move his books and such to his closet. Which is still "his closet" but I can live with that.  That change was all I needed to finish the Study. It will change again once the big bookshelf goes out but that will be at least a couple years.

Otherwise, the garage organizing was put on the back shelf but will be dusted off soon (literally!).  It seems like the days go by so fast that I just had that lovely first cup of coffee in the morning and it is time for bed.  But eventually everything gets done... a little at a time... and never perfectly.

So here is what went on in my world this past week.


Stephanie is quite appalled that I am reading The Narnia Code: C. S. Lewis and the Secret of the Seven Heavens*.  For, as I normally feel, she does not read anything shortened, abridged, etc.  And one of her very favorite books by Michael Ward is Planet Narnia*, from which this book is the shortened version.  I asked for her forgiveness.  She is still thinking about it.

Caring for Creation In Your Own Backyard* was recommended to me by a Mom Heart friend when I was chatting about the Christian view of environmentalism.  I am just starting it but so far it looks excellent.

I am still reading the Grace Livingston Hill book I mentioned in the last (?) My World this Week.  Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.   (Links below)


China Beach* was a favorite that my husband and I actually watched together.  As a Viet Nam veteran, he told me about the actual place this TV show is based on.  We loved Season 1, liked Season 2, didn't care for it after that when political correctness went amuk.  If you know what I mean.

It was expensive when it came out on VHS (we didn't think of buying them!) but the DVDs are very reasonable.  Not for kids.  (Link below)


I am thrilled that my friend now has a Podcast.  I enjoyed listening to her tapes so many years ago (ummm... does that date us?).  Sally is a precious soul. The real stuff.

Her family struggles with the good times, the bad times, and those horrible no good dreadful months of years.  But in them all, she finds Beauty and Grace and Kindness and Truth and the occasional cup of very strong tea.  (Link below)

Tea Time

In honor of the first day of Autumn, I took my adorable Mrs. Beaver tea cozy off the shelf.  My friend (and blog daughter), Heather, designed and made it when I told her my favorite tea cozy was the one that Mrs. Beaver used in the movie The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  (Link to her blog below.)

There is actually hot apple cider in the little mug, which I found at Goodwill in early summer for 49 cents.  I know... ;)


I have a thing for Thermos brand thermoses and especially those with a plaid design.  All three of these came from thrifting.

The tall one on the right was purchased that Saturday when I went to garage sales with my daughter-in-law and her mom.  Three makes a collection.

Tweaking Finishing the Study

Just a few photos for the moment.  The shelves with the Bibles are the three I gave my husband for his use.  Hey, he gets three!  He has an office you know.  Even if it is the smallest room in the house.  ;)

Her Fluffiness

Speaking of husbands and all... he had been gone most of the day yesterday and when he sat on the floor to give attention to Victoria... this is what she did.  He isn't going anywhere else today if she has her way!

NOTE:  Sorry for the wonky spacing Blogger is doing today.  I spent time trying to correct it and nothing worked.

Caring For Creation... here.*
The Narnia Code... here.*
Planet Narnia... here*
China Beach, Season 1... here.*
Re-Creations by Grace Livingston Hill... here*

Heather's blog and Etsy Shop... here.
Sally Clarkson's iTunes Podcast download... here.
To listen to the second podcast (with the lovely Kristen Kill) on Sally's website... here. (Scroll to the bottom of the post for the actual podcast.)

*Most links to are Associate Links.  I thank you.  ;)


Anonymous said...

Your study looks great. Victoria is an interesting feline. I guess we know who the boss is in your home: Victoria. Ha! Happy Autumn!


Anonymous said...

Your "tweaking" projects look great--so neat and I love the "symmetry". You did good!
Victoria has "her man" right where she wants him. I think she has both of you "under her thumb (paw)"). Blessings, Sharon D.

The Journey said...

Your room looks great. I'd been in there always. Nice picture of Victoria and her servant.

Vee said...

That bookshelf holds so much that, if it were mine, it might have to stay mine. =D Love the photo of Mr. Coffee TBM with Victoria. She definitely has him pinned to the floor. I am on the hunt for the GLHill book. Every time I read the reviews at Amazon, I am intrigued.

terricheney said...

I love the photo of Victoria and your husband, lol. Recreations is the book I'm reading next. Right now I've got The Honor Girl in hand, but I'm almost finished with it. I think of all the books Grace Livingston Hill wrote I love the ones where a home was 'created' best. Honor Girl does that, A Daily Allowance, too and The Enchanted Barn. I hope you can find or borrow copies of these I've mentioned. They are all lovely.

Rebecca said...

I enjoy seeing other peoples' bookshelves :)
Seems personalities shine through.
I finished reading The Bookseller (haven't read a novel for a long time, but this one was recommended by a friend and I enjoyed it). Now going to pick up the diaries of Dorothy Day that I had started. It requires s-l-o-w reading so as not to miss ANYthing.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics. It's always fun to drop in for a few minutes. Chuckling over the comment about Stephanie and abridged books. Pam (SD)

Heather LeFebvre said...

LOVE the plaid thermoses!!!!! Excited to see Sally has a podcast!