Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Submarines, Secrets & A Daring Rescue, A review

This is the second of the series of YA books called American Revolutionary War Adventures.  I enjoyed the first of the series and I had a pretty good idea already I would like the second. 

In this book, fifteen-year-old twin brothers are back and once again find themselves in the midst of the war.  This time they are too help transport gunpowder to the patriots.  But there are more adventures than just that, they end up manning one of the submarines used in the Revolution.

Included in their adventures, they find it necessary to rescue one of their brothers from prison.  And the ending gives us a hint about the next book in the series...

I found it difficult to find books my son would like at this age and practically impossible to find one where the characters are acting from a perspective of faith.  It is realistic as people are killed.  Just as they were in the American Revolution.  But I appreciated the way the writers have the two teenagers bringing their faith into the tough decisions.

Just as the last book, this one is a sturdy hardback.  One that can be passed around and enjoyed without it falling apart as a paperback book would.  The font makes for easy reading.  There is a chapter of Discussion Questions in the back of the book as well as a chapters titled Historical Characters and Historical Letters.

I highly recommend this book and the previous book in the series. 

This book was sent for the purpose of review by the Publisher but the opinions are my own.

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I have a boy who would enjoy this book!