Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My World this Week

It is quite difficult to believe but it is true... Coffee Tea Books & Me is celebrating its' ninth anniversary.  Within a week I will begin the tenth year of writing at this Internet address.  Amazing.

I will write more about those ponderings next week.  But still... that is a very long time to be typing away and I believe I have gone through two (perhaps three?) computers and one laptop.  ;)

So... here is what is happening in my world through the lens of my camera.  I have found the simplest of days are quite nice.


I finished Listening Valley and absolutely loved it.  I didn't think I would at first but the way D. E. Stevenson can bring a plot together in the end is genius.  It brings together two literary subjects I love to read about... WWII and Scotland.  More info... here.*

I've been reading Heaven on Earth for a couple of weeks off and on as time permits.  It is part of my continuing Stalking Jonathan Edwards reading.  Excellent book!  More info... here.*


I've been listening to more podcasts recently instead of watching television (except for my favorite programs, of course).  I must say if my Podcast App was stuck on only one, I would want it to be The Eric Metaxas Show.

I think I first heard of Eric Metaxas through his work with Chuck Colson.  I also began watching his Socrates in the City broadcasts when they would come on the NRB channel Friday evenings.  You may know him from his books, the two most famous being Amazing Grace and Bonhoeffer... although he has written many.  Did you know he also wrote for Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber?  :)

But his Podcast is absolutely amazing.  He is so funny and smart and has the best guests.  You know I'd love it when talks about Bigfoot one week and interviews literary types at Oxford the next week.  My kind of man.  More info about this podcast can be found... here.

Another podcast I thoroughly enjoy listening to off and on (listened to two episodes last night) is called Authors on the Line with Tony Reinke.  He has not been making new episodes this year but the archives are worth having this podcast available.

Tony Reinke is the author of Lit: A Christian Guide to Reading Books and John Newton: On the Christian Life.  The podcast can be downloaded or listened to on your computer... here.


So... my husband takes a look at this scone after I baked a double batch, one for us and the other to take to Mrs. Christopher as her sisters were visiting.  He turned his nose up at it and said that he really was not a scone type of person.

Then I cut the scone in half and added lemon curd to the middle.  He is now a scone type of person.  At least with lemon curd.  Recipe... here.  ;)

Tea Time

Soon after putting together this "tea time", I knew I had to take a photo and show you what my real world can look like when I am busy.  While I love brewing tea the way it should be and enjoying it in pretty china cups with my snack on an equally pretty plate... this happens more often.

I ran water through the Keurig to make it hot and then steeped the teabag in a mug.  I cut half a piece of my friend, Sheila's bread to enjoy.  My favorite red plastic plate was brought out... yes I said plastic.  These plates are leftover from when the guys used to enjoy having dinner in front of the TV while watching sports.  Real Life.  So when I do have a proper solitary tea time, it is quite enjoyable.

Morning Light

The morning light filtering through the lace curtains in the Study has been beautiful this summer.  That room tends to be dark most of the days as we are surrounded by trees.  So I enjoy filtered light when I can get it.


I had a sweet potato sprout before I had a chance to use it and well, I've been thinking of growing a sweet potato vine...

I Love My Family

This is for Pam to see as I told her about it recently.  When I visited my New England family in May, they had saved this Bigfoot sticker for me.  They know their Grammie.  As I told Pam, it kinda' makes me wonder what they think of Grammie and her Bigfoot obsession.  But hey, it makes me an interesting grandmother to say the least.  ;)

Decorating By Tweaking

I have thought about hanging artwork below this window for years and years.  But I wasn't sure what would work until I did all that artwork switching recently.  I love this print, I purchased it directly from the artist when we lived in Detroit.  So when I removed it from where it was, I tried and it is perfect there.  When the light is on, it shows the lovely autumnal colors of that scene!

Her Fluffiness
I love that face...
I adore those snowshoe paws....

*Most links to are Associate links.  Which means I receive a small percentage of the amount purchased and it cost neither of us anything but time.  I thank you.


Anonymous said...

You made me smile today! Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

The scones look yummy, by the way...but I bet they taste good even if not with all that sugar on top!! Sugar hounds, that is what I fondly call my Southern friends who love stuff with sugar in it...funny thing, they are not diabetic tain't fair huh?
Elizabeth in WA

Unknown said...

It is amazing to see what you are reading and listening to. Tony Reinke's book Lit is one of my favorites that I keep going back to. Erik is such a bright spot and those he spot lights.
Wow, ten years! This is my first year reading your blog and am thoroughly blessed by it.
Thank you.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I have now pulled up Eric Metaxas podcasts and will give them a listen! I like to listen to interesting conversations.

I love the full on tea experience too, but most often drink it in a Polish Pottery mug. Real life, indeed.

I love rearranging artwork, actually I like to rearrange everything, and am going to be doing some rearranging in my flower gardens soon!

My mom used to have a Bigfoot obsession, and aliens, so you seem perfectly normal to me! LOL!

Love Miss Victoria!


suzanne said...

"filtered light" of God's lovely ways to bless us! I love that picture, Miss Brenda. Your weekly posts always make my week brighter. May God continue to give you the reason and the season to keep writing this blog! And an early congrats for nearly 10 years. wow!! In blog world, I think that makes you a bonafide expert blogger,,or,,,,a blogspert!

Anonymous said...

Laughing, you made my day. Aren't grands grand?! Scones with lemon curd and tea does sound lovely. But tonight it will be chocolate zucchini cake and coffee at my house. Head on over. Pam (SD)

Terra said...

I think I would like the podcast with subjects ranging from Bigfoot hunters to Oxford literati. I listen to on the radio, with George Noory and he covers a wide variety of topics like those. There is a small bigfoot museum not far from our home.

Marie said...

Thank you so much for the lovely visit, as always. I really enjoy your decorating too, and I get great reading ideas from you. :)

Deb said...

Congratulations on keeping up with your blog, Brenda, and beginning your 10th year of writing! Quite an accomplishment! I've probably been a reader for that long, too, and always enjoy your posts, esp your My World This Week posts.

Cheryl said...

I'm going to add the Metaxas show to my podcast playlist. I love podcasts, but I've had trouble working listening time into my days. I need to work on that!

And happy blog anniversary (didn't we call them blogiversaries, back in the day?). So glad I found your blog all those years ago!

Anonymous said...

I finished reading Listening Valley this weekend, also. I read Celia's House last week (didn't realize they crossed over!). Such good stories! Thank you again for introducing me to Stevenson!

Connie K