Thursday, July 02, 2015

My World this Week

Vintage apron love...

Once again this week has gone by so fast!  I can hardly believe it is almost the 4th of July.  We have hosted a get-together here with Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and her family (and a few friends) in years past but this year we didn't plan anything.  We'll let the kids celebrate elsewhere while we have a quiet Holiday.

Hubby is still feeling quite miserable so we'll have burgers and baked beans here.  I may get wild and crazy and buy a bag of Lay's potato chips and French onion dip... a not-so-healthy treat.  We'll agree not to tell my doctor.  Although he is really nice and may permit it on such an occasion.

I do love July, though.  I have always loved the 4th of July celebrations, picnics, and it is my birthday month.  Can you believe it has been a year (within a few weeks) that our family all spent a week together in South Haven, Michigan to celebrate my ummm... new decade?  ;)

Oh, just a quick note... if you have e-mailed me and have not heard back recently.  It is because I've had trouble accessing the Desktop to sit down and write.  The iPad is fine for those quick tap, tap, tap replies but not when I want to wax poetic about anything.  I hope to write back very soon.

So... here is a 4th of July edition of My World this Week.  ;)


Coming Home is my summer fiction "go to" book at the moment.  I have enjoyed reading three of her other books and have been curious about this once since it is often listed as a favorite.  It was 99 cents at Goodwill.  A good time to give it a try.

Anything is my latest review book which I will ummm... review.  Next week. Spoiler alert.  It is pretty wonderful.

Honey & Jam is the new cookbook by a favorite young blogger.  I know, I didn't need any more cookbooks but I used credit for this one. (Thank you!)  It is absolutely lovely, as is her blog.  Some of the cake recipes are old fashioned and familiar, others more well known in the South, and others she created that look really good.  It will eventually go on to my bakers extraordinaire in New England.  Some day.  

I'm not giving my link to Amazon for this beautiful book.  She's going through a rough patch as her mother passed away suddenly a few months ago.  So if you love to bake and you love pretty photos of the Smoky Mountains... read her blog and follow her link to make the purchase.  If you have time, read the archives.   Her blog can be found... here.

 One of my family's favorite movie trilogies and now in one DVD.  Cheap!  Here...  Yes, it is so vintage 1970s but that is part of the fun!
4th of July on the Porch

Tacky 4th of July pillow, a wonderful find for the porch last week at Goodwill!
Loved this pot and the flowers in it that was on clearance for a few dollars at Walmart.

Bush beans in front, pole beans on the teepee, pretty marigolds, and weeds.

Her Fluffiness

So it started with this box that I keep in the van to hold small items I don't want to tip over.  Like the herbs I brought home from the nursery.  I made the mistake of laying the box by the door before taking it back to the van.

At which time, someone who will remain nameless (but has a lot of fur) claimed it as her own.  She will eventually tire of it.  We hope.

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Mitzi said...

I really enjoy Rosamond Pilcher books too. Have read them over and over.
We are like you two-a quiet weekend by ourselves. Holidays aren't the same with no family around to enjoy. Have stacked up a couple of library books and will watch tennis too.
I enjoy reading your blog. Am not a blog writer, but feel like I have many friends that I read about everyday.
Happy Fourth!

suzanne said...

Miss Brenda, you have the best "Goodwill" eye ever! I love the Fourth of July pillow! Not at all tacky, in my humble opinion. And the flowers from pretty. Someday I hope to read every single book you mention in your blog!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lots of goodness in your world.

Thank you for sharing Hannah's blog. I popped over there to read and almost forgot to come back to comment! She is the age of my older kids - I'm hurting for her loss.

Your porch looks great! I just bought a new flag, and need to hang it out. Almost don't feel like celebrating this year, but then what I want to do is to celebrate the founding - the ideas that made our country so great for so long.

Sorry your hubby is not feeling well? Illness or allergies? It's your birthday month. I have an idea of what I am going to give you for your birthday! I love birthdays and gift giving!


Carol said...

I love all your beautiful porch decorations, especially the blackboard and welcome sign. (MD)

Joy said...

I love Rosamunde Pilcher's books, I've read everyone of them and some twice. I just get lost in them.'The Shell Seekers' is also wonderful.

Vee said...

Just a few minutes ago, I was chatting on the phone with my daughter learning that the plans for tomorrow were changing. I begged off saying that a calm, quiet holiday would suit me well. She's not having any of it!

Your holiday decor is so charming, I need to copy some of your ideas as my outdoor decor is lacking.

I followed your link to Honey and Jam and read her story of losing her mom. Too soon! Much too soon...I can not even imagine.

Victoria's antics always amuse! What a card she is!

Hope that your hubby feels better soon...seems as if this sickness has lingered plenty long enough.

A blessed Independence Day to you both.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a kitty to find an empty box to climb into. Just the right size for her, too! Your garden is flourishing! Mine has taken off, nicely, too! We are having a relatively quite Fourth this year. Having the kids over for a BBQ, but no fireworks, as it is unusually hot and dry (for us!) this year. Hopefully all our neighbors will all do the same!
Got such a kick out of seeing The Wilderness Family on DVD! We watched the first two, years ago when our kids were young! My daughter cracked up at the scene where they put it slow motion running on the beach! So Very 70ish!! 😊 Didn't know there was a third one, too! Now we watch Alaska, the Last Frontier, Alaskan Bush People and The Last Alaskans!! All very different but quite interesting!
I noticed Costco has Rosamunde Pilcher's The Shell Seekers for sale. I still have my old copy. Would absolutely Love it if they released the old Shell Seekers movie on DVD with Angela Lansbury! It's one of my favorites even if they did change the ending.
Praying your hubby gets to feeling better real soon! Take care and hope you enjoy your quite Fourth!
Laura C. (WA)

Kim said...

Love Rosamund Pilcher,love your aprons, love you Brenda! smile~Kim

Mary said...

We have a quiet 4th planned, too :). If we're still awake, we can see some fireworks from our bedroom window.
I'm excited to read your recommended book by Rosamunde Pilcher (got free sample from Amazon).
How is Victoria's paw doing? Your decorations are darling, btw.
America, bless God!!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What darling aprons! They really make me feel cheerful! I'm praying for your husband and his health! It's so tough to feel miserable for a long time. Our 4th will be a quiet one, though my daughter Alice and her family and another couple they are friends with are at the cottage and will watch fireworks over Mayville on the far side of the lake....Not much is more magic than that.

Annabel said...

My Mum loves the Shell seekers but loves them all really.
Your world seems very appealing to me, just lovely. The vintage aprons set the scene. Have a wonderful new week!

tealady said...

We also will be having a quiet 4th, my hubby has to work this week-end he works from 5:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. so when he get's home all he has time for is shower, eat dinner and talk to me.
We have not really done much on the 4th due to my health issues.

Whenever we brought a box in the house my cat's acted as if it was the best thing ever. Have a great week looking forward to your next post.