Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Anything: The Prayer that Unlocked My God and My Soul, a review

This is one of those books I would highly recommend to anyone who feels they need to kick-start their walk with God.  If one is feeling lethargic, that their form of Christianity is "same old, same old"... read this book.

In it, Jennie Allen (founder of IF: Gathering) shares her story of faith.  It is much like that of many young women who are raised in the church, who come to Christ at a young age, whose goals and desires seem to be met.

But a persistent desire for a deeper walk with God brought the prayer that she says "changed her life".  That prayer she and her husband prayed was that they would do Anything God asked of them.

Mostly the book is about God's work in her life prior to making that decision.  A smaller section of the book deals with the consequences (good and challenging) of the prayer.  But I liked that.  For it is the working out of her faith to the point of saying the prayer that most people can relate to. 

This 2015 updated version of the book includes a chapter describing what has happened in the author's life since the book was originally published in 2011.  It also now includes a Bible Study that would make it a perfect book for a group of women to study together. 

I highly recommend Anything for anyone wanting a deeper relationship with Christ.

This book was sent to me by the publisher for the purpose of review but the opinion is my own.

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Terra said...

This book sounds interesting.

Vee said...

It sure gets some great ratings!