Thursday, June 25, 2015

My World this Week

I really do plan to write more during the week but summer has other plans.  Can you believe it is almost July?  It has been so wet this year that the woods near us look like a rain forest.  I've never seen it quite so thick.  Bigfoot could be there and one wouldn't see him.  Her?

So today I am going to follow my own advice that it doesn't have to be perfect, good enough is well... good enough.  Here is a quick as a bunny My World post. 

Speaking of Bigfoot and all... I'm enjoying the new season of Finding Bigfoot.  Yeah, I know.  My family doesn't understand my love for the show, either.

New Season on Animal Planet...  :)


I'm thoroughly enjoying this* book which is one of the Kindle reads I'm making my way through.  I'm only half way through it but it is good summer reading so far. 

It is the first book about prayer where I've found myself laughing out loud!

Tea Time

We love the lemon "crazy cake" recipe from this website.  I've made the chocolate version since I can remember, it is one of Christopher's favorite cakes.  But my husband loves "all things lemon". 

This recipe is great with an easy lemon frosting added.  I make the original recipe as it makes a small cake just right for my family but you can double it for a 9 x 13 pan.


I tried a new lemon bar recipe for Father's Day from this* cookbook.  Oh, my.  It is the best recipe ever!  I found my copy at Goodwill during the winter.

If you remember, I wanted to be a pastry chef at one time before illness prevailed.  But I still bake once in awhile.  And my husband loves it, as do my neighbors.  It is also much better for a person who has to count carbs to have something worth cheating on once in awhile.  ;)


Stephanie gave me this gorgeous paper when I visited New England a few weeks ago.  I put it in this large frame (which was originally from a thrift shop long ago), and there was enough left over for a couple cards and a scrapbook journal page.

Her Fluffiness

Yes, that is a Maine Coon lump of kitty in the chair snoozing.  This is where she has pretty much lived since it got hot and humid.  It is the only room where we keep a window open for her.  That is because it is my Study.  I spoil her. 

She does still jump on the desk when I'm working.  There are no photos this time but trust me, the cat hair on everything I'm doing is proof.

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suzanne said...

My husband's grandmother used to call those cakes "war cake". The lemon one sounds delicious. I LOVE the photo of your study...the sun just there outside the windows...the little bundle of cat fur curled up on your chair....precious. I can't say I share your love of the tv show "finding bigfoot", but different strokes, eh? Some might find "antiques roadshow" a snoozefest, but I love it, so to each his own. My week would not be complete without the peek into your world this week, Miss Brenda, and I thank you so much for that lovely blessing!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We've had two days recently where it didn't rain at all and are looking at rain though the weekend! Crazy!

I did manage to do some weeding in the front garden today, which is my cottage garden. The veggies need some weeding too!
It takes a lot of work but it is worth the effort, to have fresh veggies, and pretty flowers in the house! One day I may have to change my mind about that or get a bunch of grandkids to come help Grandma out a bit!

Emma has a great lemon bar recipe which is very different that most. I'll copy it and send it along for you to try!

Hope you are well!


Deb J. in Utah said...

I love your home - so inviting and homey! I will have to look for that book - maybe I'll download it to my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation. Those lemon bars look soooo good! Enjoy your Friday!

matty said...

Lovely to visit! While I still miss my Maine Coon terribly, Annie and Duchess have given me so much joy... just nothing like a Maine Coon... LOL

Vee said...

What? You spend your days looking for Bigfoot? =D (This is how rumors get started.) I think you found at least one in your lump of a Maine Coon Cat!

I am planning to follow your links. I love lemon cake and am more than ready for a splurge.

Thank you, Brenda, for all your good work on this blog. I know that a lot of us are incredibly blessed by it!.

Rachel H said...

Love the paper your daughter gave you! I have a bird kitchen and bathroom, and it is spilling over into the living room and dining room!