Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My World this Week

I couldn't remember if I showed you this.  The flag is to keep birds from building a nest there after two attempts.
It has turned hot here in the Midwest!  Today we are to reach 90 degrees with high humidity.  I'm glad we were able to get the garden fence built and everything finished planting (except one tomato plant for the deck!) before this heat set in. 

There is more outside work to do (always work outside, kind of like there are always dishes to be washed) but that work has to wait until we get a cool down.  However, two review books I've been expecting arrived yesterday so this is a good time to spend reading with the AC on!

Here, then, is my world this last week in photos...


You may remember I had planned to read through Anne Morrow Lindbergh's diaries this Summer.  But I found it difficult to stop and start when a review book arrived.

Instead my new Summer reading goal is to read the books I have on the "desk top" (so to speak) of my Kindle App.  I'll write more about the specifics next week for the link maker on the Widget thingy at Amazon is not working.  Gasp!

Just so you know, I got all of these on sale at greatly reduced prices except for the Jonathan Edwards Kindle book... and it wasn't expensive, anyway.  I  may prefer reading books I can hold in my hands but I love how I can afford many books on the Kindle that I could not in paperback or hardback!  All true Bibliophiles will understand and shake their head "Yes!".

A thank you card for my daughter.
A thank you card for my daughter's mother-in-law.

Tea Time

A wonderful blog friend sent me a box of tea for the Keurig that she didn't care for.  It is a berry tisane and my husband and I both love it.  I added two cookies (just two mind you) and enjoyed it in the cute tea set Lois gave me.


Mr. & Mrs. Christopher had last Friday free at the last minute and texted to see if we wanted to be treated to dinner (pizza) and a movie.  They knew how much I wanted to see San Andreas.   We said Yes!

We don't get to see them often, even though they live less than two  miles away.  So we had a lot of fun eating pizza at their favorite place near campus and then seeing San Andreas.  Loved it, loved it... did I mention I loved it!  This is one of those movies that is fun to see at the theater because of the special affects and sound.

Typical disaster movie but I thoroughly enjoyed the subplots with the family.  And how "The Rock's" daughter survives by remembering everything about emergency preparedness her dad had taught her.  There is swearing off and on, especially when they are about to crash into something.   But nothing you won't hear the Mall.


My rather large metal compost bowl was emptied at the compost pile this morning.  The first time this season.  It is that time of year again although we probably should have started sooner.  But good enough is... good enough.

Flowers & a Glimpse of the Garden
This is my entire deck garden at the moment.  I may buy a flower plant to put on each of the two tables.
Will write more about the garden later!  Here is a sneak peek (that is apple mint to your left).

Her Fluffiness

Once again, "helping me" while I create.  As soon as she hears me sit down at the table, she jumps up.  Sometimes I have to take her out of the Study and shut the door but most of the time she behaves herself.  Kinda.  Sorta.

She could use your prayers right now as one of her paws is greatly swollen again and she is limping.  Dr. Lisa has tried medicine but it helped just a little in the past.  So she needs prayer to feel better.


em said...

Paw-prayers are on their way.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brenda. Your deck and garden look great. The flag in the spider plant is pretty. I've never had a bird nest in my hanging baskets, but sparrows love to nest on top of the in-the-wall air conditioners. We can't take the covers off until the babies fly, assuming they survive the crow attacks. It's Wild Kingdom out there. It's warm today (at last!) so they better learn to fly soon. Ha.
Have you ever "borrowed" Kindle books from your local library? I've read that you can do that. I haven't done so myself because I do not have a Kindle, but it might be worth looking into, since you have one.

Take care and have a wonderful summer.


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I also prefer to read a book in hand, but the Kindle allows me purchase many I would not otherwise be able to have so I love it! I also borrow many, many ebooks through my library's ebook lending service. Its simple and fast. In fact it was one of the reasons I bought my Kindle. If the weather is bad, I don't feel well or I don't have time to run to the library I can get book to read in minutes.

Your deck looks lovely, so does the garden. Its so far ahead of ours!
Stay cool in those hot temps!

God bless, Marsha

Vee said...

Poor Victoria! Does this happen by catching her claws on something?

The apple mint is so have enough for lots of tea.

The cards you made are beautiful...a gift all in itself.

Lastly, it is fun to get out and do something with the and a movie sounds great!

Debbie said...

Sorry your kitty has swollen paws. Our Caesar (huge dog) recently hurt one of his paws and is limping. Every time he starts to get better, he starts to run like a mad man and makes it worse again.

Mary said...

Hi Brenda,
Do you suppose Her Fluffiness has gout? That would cause swelling and pain for sure! Check out Melissa Shelton, D.V.M. on her essential oil website for animals, if you like: is the URL specifically for cats. I'm not affiliated in any way. Just thought she might have a natural remedy for arthritis or gout.
Thanks for the "okay" on San Andreas - DH wants to see it, but since we live in So Cal, I wasn't sure ;) I'll make him m happy and take him to see it.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Your kitty so reminds me of a favorite family pet - a cat - we had years ago when our kids were young. Such a great cat - acted like he was a dog. Sure do miss him. We just saw San Andreas yesterday. I totally agree with your review - a fun - albeit nerve wracking (at least for me) movie. I also agree with you about books - I totally prefer paper and ink in my hands. Thanks and enjoy the rest of this week.

tealady said...

Prayers for your fur baby,hope she heals soon. I have Kindle on my computer which I got free from amazon.

You have so much energy to tackle all that you do. I also grow and dry my own tea,one of my favorites is chocolate mint yum.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love your cards! Very pretty and perfect for each person receiving them.

Poor Victoria. I hope that her paw heals quickly.

Your flowers and garden look good! We are going to be 90 tomorrow and 89 on Friday! Yikes! Swimming weather, thankful for Mom and Dad's pool!

Stay cool!

Living on Less Money said...

I loved having a peek at your veggie garden. You're so smart having raised beds. We only have one and I'm regretting that we didn't make more. The older I get the harder it is to get down and pull weeds.

I said a prayer for your kitty! Poor baby!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your world is full of beauty which does not happen by accident.Oh, how I wish the weather would cool a bit! And also, I wish Victoria to have her problems resolve in a good way....

Lee Ann said...

I just now saw this so I hope that Victoria is feeling better paw wise. She is so beautiful. It's so sad when our furry family members are sick or hurt because they can't tell us.

I love your photos. I would love to be your neighbor.