Thursday, December 18, 2014

My World this Week

The big red mixer is back where she used to be all the time!
How is your Christmas season going?  Have you taken the time to do what makes your heart sing?  I must admit that this past week has been one of more busy-ness than heart singing.  But by baking ahead for the freezer, it opens the way for Christmas week to be stress free as food baskets are assembled for friends and neighbors.

And it is not a bad thing to be in one's cozy kitchen with the oven making it warm, Christmas music on the CD player, and vanilla dabbed behind the ears as our grandmother's once did.

I took a morning away from the kitchen for a lovely "breakfast out" with my friend, Linda.  That was my Christmas gift to her and when we left the restaurant, we stopped by a favorite store that sells primitive country items to take in the atmosphere there (trying not to covet everything!) and then made a trip to Barnes & Noble to peruse British decorating magazines.  A really nice Christmas celebration that didn't cost much and will provide good memories in the coming year.

So... here is what has been going on in my work this past week when I remembered to take photos!


I purchased Elizabeth Goudge's A Christmas Book* for just a few dollars last year (or was it the year before?).  I have a few hard-to-find and expensive titles on my Wish List.  When I have credit available, I go through them to see if there are any cheap additions available.  This one is a library discard so it was inexpensive but just fine for one who collects on a budget!

The other two books I am reading through... Come Thou Long Expected Jesus* which is my favorite Advent devotional and Winter Song* by Madeleine L'Engle and Luci Shaw.  Beautiful all year but especially during the Christmas Season.

Tea Time

You may remember last year's thrifting find, the beautiful Old Country Roses Christmas teapot for $2.99 at Goodwill!  That was amazing.  The stoneware cup... part of a Christmas set of dishes I bought cheap at Meijers long ago.  I use the set all year because it makes me smile.

I took this photo while waiting for the tea to steep inside that lovely teapot.  I was using the last of the whole leaf green tea blend Stephanie bought me for my birthday.  It was delicious.  The "sweet" was half of the tiny chocolate bar from Aldi's.

The vintage hankie was brought out to make it all look pretty.  I don't do it everyday but a few times a week I like a proper pot of tea instead of just a teabag in a pretty cup.  Emphasis on pretty.  Life is too short for drab.


I found this Christmas artwork (an original painting) for $1.99 at the Salvation Army store this year!  It adds so much color to that part of the Living Room.

The Christmas tree in the stoneware stays out all year, usually residing on the floor next to the TV stand.  I love primitives.

I had just finished washing a stack of Christmas trays when I thought putting these three together in one place might be cute.  It is...


Her Fluffiness

I didn't take any photos of Victoria last week so I thought I'd share this one again.  A favorite from the past!  Linda asked for permission to get prints made from this photo to use for cards.  Love those tippy toe paws!

*Amazon Associate Link, I receive a tiny portion of what is purchased and it cost you nothing more than clicking on the link.  ;)


Anonymous said...

So love your Christmas children painting! Looks beautiful on your wall. I am inspired! Thank you for sharing with us! Merry Christmas! Taryn

Rebecca said...

"Just right" is how I'd describe your sweet Christmas decor. A Barnes and Noble stop WERE on my Christmas wish list, but I'm afraid I've put it off to long and would have to contend with crowds at this late date. I'm just not prepared to do that :)

Merry Christmas to you, if I don't make it back before.

Vee said...

All of your Christmas ministrations are lovely, Brenda. Life is indeed too short for drab as you say. The original artwork took my eye...what a sweet all your lovelies have been. I think it is great fun that you took a friend out for breakfast. Merry On!

mdoe37 said...

What a cute picture of Her Fluffiness. I'm did not decorate much this year. His Highness Remington is either chasing Benny around the tree or...Benny is playing in the water in the tree stand. Pfff. I give up! Maybe next year the boys will be a little older.

(and check your email!)

suzanne said...

Can't stay glum after visiting your blog, Miss Brenda. you have an eye for beauty and you always manage to find treasures in simple places. Don't know if that makes you lucky, or blessed! It all comes together to create a feeling of joy and peace, so appropriate for the advent season. Thank you!

peggy, the simple woman said...

Everything looks so pretty! Merry Christmas!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

A blogging friend says that life is too short to drink out of an ugly cup! I agree!

You are having a lovely Christmas season there in the house at the edge of the woods. I like what you've done and all your ornaments are so pretty!

One day maybe we'll get to have tea together.


Anonymous said...

Loved the teapot picture and victoria standing at the window made me smile.

Unknown said...

I just love your tea pot and mug!!! I'm reading a bit of Goudge's Christmas this year as well! I actually picked up her autobiography at the library and finding it fascinating! :) I just LOVE your read dear husband has been wanting to save up for one for me and I think you've just convinced me that red is the color I need. ;)

Karen Andreola said...

The Christmas tree tea pot with the roses is rich in color and so pretty.

I had to smile at your vintage plastic yellow-haired girl. I have similar plastic ornaments. And, this week, this over-protective grandma mailed a collection of her unbreakable ornaments to her married daughter - the one with the energetic boys - who have a history of ER stitches - for their tree.

Merry Christmas, Karen A.

Rachel H said...

Love seeing all the pretty things, especially the painting! What a great deal you got! I love finding bargains like that. Your home is decorated very lovely. I have not done much because of being out of town, then a nasty stomach bug! Maybe a little less is a good thing this year.