Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Falling in love again with scrapbook journaling

I have had so many questions about scrapbook journaling, it called for its' own post.  I've created some form of scrapbook journal for the last fourteen years.  A couple years ago, I set this way of creating aside to concentrate on other things.  To be honest, I was just bored with it.

Then earlier this year, I began to notice photos in magazines and online where journals were being created using products and embellishments from other forms of paper crafting.  I dusted off my original scrapbooking products and added a few items with birthday money... and a craft I'd become bored with was made fresh and new. 

I was asked why I like scrapbook journaling.  It's because through it, I can create visually the various emotions I'm feeling at the time.  What I am loving, a song or poem that has touched me, an event or a thought, a Bible verse, anything I want to put on paper.

Each page will be slightly different in this journal.  There is no right or wrong, no perfection.  As patient as I am putting them together, they still can turn out a little wonky and definitely homemade.  But someday I hope my children or grandchildren can look through these pages and not see perfect Art... but reflections of me!

I have shown you this page before but it was the first one I made for this new journal, celebrating the week my family spent together to celebrate my birthday in July.

This page is about a song I love, J. J. Heller's song called Someday.

And that it was my daughter who sent me a link to it on You Tube and told me when she heard it, she thought of me.  I find it often easier to print out the song or poem or prose rather than write it out.

This page shows some of the embellishments I used for the "Title Page" of the journal.

Often on the pages, there is an illusion that washi tape is used to adhere the pages to the sketchbook.  Actually, I have a few different kinds of double stick tape that I use... according to how heavy the paper is I'm adhering.  The washi tape is for texture and beauty.

I used three different types of washi tape on this one to create texture, interest, and color.  And in my own handwriting, what I was thinking at the time...

On the back of pages where embellishments make the paper fairly heavy, I adhere a simple magazine page.  In this case, one with a quote already on it that I like.  This magazine page was adhered with double stick tape and edged with narrow washi tape for texture.

I've shown you this before but it is a good representation of embellishment with washi tape on the corners, a three dimensional glittery butterfly, and paper flowers on the corners of the printed out quote.

I have used regular scrapbooks but I've found artist's sketchbooks work the best to create a scrapbook journal.  Their pages are heavy enough to support layered and embellished "art".

My last one was spiral so this time I bought one (with a half price coupon) that was bound.  It is sturdier but the spiral was easier to work with.  Since I had the basic scrapbooking supplies already and embellishments are very inexpensive (at least the kind I buy!)... my "new" crafting is budget friendly.

I was asked about washi tape.  It is a Japanese decorated tape, most of which has the feel of masking tape.  But the floral designs (bottom left above) are made of fabric and they came directly from China (purchased with Amazon credit at a very low price).

Washi tape is usually inexpensive.  One of my favorite designs is the red with white polka dots above that costs 99 cents at Walmart.  All of the rolls of narrow solid color washi tape came together in one package.  If I remember, it was $6.00 for the entire package. 

Oh, I was also asked about the boxes like the one shown above.  They originally contained candy and a friend was getting rid of them and asked if I wanted them.  I knew someday they would come in handy, just the perfect size for crafting supplies!  That is their original silver color.

Links to a few posts about past journals can be found on the Page labeled Scrapbook Journal, under the blog's Header.  I will be including the newer format I'm using in the same Page, those links labeled Scrapbook Art Journal.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love doing scrapbook Journaling. I taught my daughters and their friends in our home ec class how to do this. I use sketchbooks too, right now mine is bound but the girls is spiral, as I thought it would be easier for them to use.

Now I just need to get back to being consistent with it. Oh, and I must get some Washi tape!


lynneinMN said...

What a wonderful remembrance of thoughts & feelings! Although I've looked at Washi tape, I've not bought it...I used to be really into cardmaking, and Washi would work wonderfully for that hobby, too. If I pick up the cardmaking hobby again, I may have to indulge myself in some fun tape :-). God Bless! Lynne

Anonymous said...

I love to keep recipes in a 3-ring binder. I tape or glue recipes to plain white copy payer and embellish with pictures of appropriate food items (cookies with cookie recipes, etc.) and put sheet in a plastic protector (I inherited a whole box of them). I can take the sheet out when using recipe and not worry about food stains on it--it's easy to wipe the plastic if something gets on it. It makes a pretty and personalized recipe book. I guess that's my scrapbooking project. Loving seeing your project. Blessings, Sharon D.

Scrappy quilter said...

What a fun hobby. Along with quilting I scrapbook however have never done scrapbook journaling. Looks like fun. I just might try this.

Vee said...

You've made it look easy...easy I could do. My aunt has many such wonderful scrapbooks that she has created through the years. She's given them up for Pinterest, but no one is going to pick up a Pinterest scrapbook and look at it and understand her any better.

It must help memory, too. I find that true with blogging anyway. I like your "lavender" page...so feminine.

Anonymous said...

What Fun! Thank-you for sharing! When I first discovered your blog, I found your articles on scrapbook journaling and was thrilled! I've been scrapbooking photos for years, but never thought to make one with all the little bits and pieces of things I've saved and tucked away over the years. This was the perfect idea! I Love it! Soon after I started one of my own, they cme out with those Smash books. I thought they took the idea of homemade scrapbook journals and commercialized them! LOL! I had found a couple different books to use at street fairs and bazaars. One was a leather bound book with homemade paper (one of the cheaper cast-off "seconds") and the other was from Attic Journals. The vender makes spiral bound books with discarded old library book covers and adds acid-free paper. They come in all sizes and are a fun idea. I think they make a fun and interesting legacy to leave for your grandchildren!
We are getting some of that cold polar air in PNW this week! Brrr....hope you're staying warm,too!
Laura C. from WA

Living on Less Money said...

This was a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for the explanation.

I have one more question. :-) How do you use the journals once they are finished? Do you leave them out somewhere to look through? Do you go back through your old ones? Or is the blessing mainly in making the journal.

I have a notebook that I record quotes. I think this would be a special way to remember those quotes.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Scrapbooking is so fun! My current one is so thick that people stare at me when I pull it out at Bible study (I decorated the pages and then take notes). I still haven't tried washi tape but I need to. I have this feeling that once I do it will be another thing that I must buy. :)

Manuela@ A Cultivated Nest said...

The cloth washi tape is so pretty! I've never ordered anything from China - I'll have to see if I can find some.

Scrapbook journaling seems like a fun calming hobby. I used to do that with magazine photos (decorating, crafts, recipes) but I've practically stopped reading magazines.

Carol said...

I would enjoy this type of scrapbooking. I find my photos are piling up as I just can't seem to find a way to be able to work on them. I may try to find some Wasabi tape.