Thursday, October 09, 2014

My World this Week

The forest is now in that autumnal state when some trees are still green, others have turned lovely colors, and still other trees are already laying bare as in mid-winter.  When I was in town yesterday, many of the trees there are now in full color and quite beautiful.

Yesterday was a day to meet my friend for coffee when I was going into town to pick up prescriptions.  With a limited budget, even my coffee dates coincide with another purpose for driving into town!  ;)

I had printed off the 40% coupon from Jo-Ann fabrics so after we sipped way too much coffee, we spent enjoyable time just perusing the aisles and getting ideas for "stuff to make".  I feel when in Jo-Ann or Michaels much the way my husband does in the tool department of Sears.

My coupon was used to purchase a new sketchbook to use as a scrapbook journal.  The last sketchbook was nearly finished so it will continue on as my garden journal.  Yes... I do plan a scrapbook journal post soon.

So once again, here is my week as seen through the lens of a camera.


Can you tell what is on my mind these days?

The Gentle art of Domesticity* is one of my all time favorite books to peruse through when I want to "get away from it all" or just for inspiration.  


A new three episode season of Inspector Lewis!  Yeah!

This was one of my favorite BBC/PBS shows that was suppose to have ended.  However, the main actors agreed to a shorter season.  I will take what I can get.


I love surprise packages and when this one arrived, I was in need of friendship and a bit of lovely-ness.  Thank you to my very special blog friend.  I didn't know if she wanted me to say who she is but if it is okay, admit to the making in Comments!  This is indeed a work of art. 

You may notice in the first photo above, it now resides below the bulletin board over my desk!  When I showed it to my husband, he commented that she really knew me with so many favorite things.


I have quite a collection of cookie cutters from years (and years) of baking.  Most of them have had a home in this large glass biscotti jar but a few larger cutters reside in a drawer.

I especially enjoy finding vintage cookie cutters, quite often a dollar or less in thrift stores or even in the antique mall.


Speaking of thrifting and all... this shelf was just the size I needed to hold some scrapbooking and card making supplies that I have collected over the years.

It was a little over $3.00 at Goodwill with the Senior Citizen discount.  The large bookshelf will be going to its' new home with Mr. & Mrs. Christopher in a few weeks.


I saw something like these on Pinterest and I thought to myself... I have some really nice tea light candles... I have washi tape... Eureka!

I made about ten of these while watching a half an hour TV program.  Notice the tea light that is lit in the center, it is one of those LED jobbies.  These would make wonderful and inexpensive Christmas gifts, especially the LED tea lights since there is no risk of fire should one's home be shared with children or pets.


I have had these teeny tiny pumpkins around five years and have mixed in with them tiny autumnal objects through many seasons.  The vintage truck is a very realistic reproduction that is all one piece.

This idea was not original.  I stole it from another blogger.  Probably one of you.  ;)

Decorating by Tweaking

I brought in the large spider plant from the porch on the first day frost was expected.  It needed two haircuts as a certain Maine Coon loves spider plants but they are bad for kitties!

The plant that was originally in the dining area now resides in the hanging planter... over the sink.  I quite like it.  Victoria sits on the little kitchen island and ponders ways to get her teeth into it.


I was in town last night just as the Harvest moon could be seen.  Gorgeous!

I missed seeing the blood red moon but this was a close second best.

Her Fluffiness

Just prior to taking this photo, I was sitting in that Lazy Boy when Victoria decided to hop on the back of the chair to lounge awhile with her fluffy tail on my head.

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LauraC said...

I, too was thrilled to watch the new Inspector Lewis show. I discovered that I missed Season 6 and couldn't find a way to watch it online so I put the CD on hold at the library. I'm looking very forward to it.

That bookcase for $3 was an absolutely fantastic find. I wish one would appear in my "thrifting path." Perhaps one soon will. :)

My Cottage Diary said...

That Victoria ... she's a card! Are you working on a crochet project? (Inquiring minds want to know!) I donated The Gentle Art of Domesticity to our library. I may have to check it out and look through it again sometime. I love the sweet wall-hanging your blogging friend made. Your new craft shelves look just right for your supplies. Be blessed, Brenda! Bess

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lovely week!

I really like Jane Sprockets book The Gentle Art of Domesticity. I found several used copies on Amazon last Christmas and gave them to my girls. They were in brand new condition.

That little quilted gift with a cup and books is so great! Such a neat gift!


lynneinMN said...

Thank you SO much for the glimpse into Your World. As always, the "Queen Vic" pics makes me grin and wish I could have cats! (Hubster & myself both allergic). Our fall colors have faded now, and lots of trees with no leaves...ahhh....fall! Warm fires, hot teas, and a dog curled on my lap....Life is Blessed! said...

Wow! That was a great deal on your craft cabinet! Did you paint your shoe boxes to match? Can't wait to see your new Scrapbook Journal, I always come away with new ideas from your samples for us. Love the little tealight makeovers also.

Anonymous said...

Nice cupboard and perfect for your crafting supplies at a perfect price. God is so good, isn't He?!! Oooh, a "coonskin hat" ... only I think the tail is supposed to go in the back isn't it?? I agree with Bess, your kittie is a card, but what a lovable one she is. Pam (SD)

Vee said...

We missed the blood moon, too. Oh well. I didn't miss the full moon as one night around midnight this week, I shut off all the lights and checked the doors and then, looking back, I thought I had missed a light as the room was so bright...just the moon!

Everything looks so pretty and cozy. I have not read The Gentle Art of Domesticity. So much to read so little time.

suzanne said...

As always, your "my world this week" resonates with simple beauty and the joy of the Lord. I love the tea light idea! And you are a master of finding good things at the Goodwill. The shelf is perfect. Thank you for sharing your makes me smile every time.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

My goodness, but we do like the same sort of things! And I am thrilled to see another season, even if a short one, of Lewis and Hathaway!

Living on Less Money said...

We enjoy many of the same things. The book you mentioned looks interesting. I'm working on a few projects for Christmas. I love to create. It satisfied a part of me that nothing else can.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Enjoyed all your pictures from around the house. Gentle Art of Domesticity really is an amazing book. Hope you have a good weekend!

Annabel said...

I just love the tea light candle idea! Thank you I will be doing this! So simple and so pretty! xxx