Friday, August 08, 2014

Some more vacation photos...

I've been working on a few projects since arriving home from Michigan.  Not the least of them is re-doing the Study.  It looked lovely but was not as functional as I needed it to be, especially as autumn will soon arrive and that room can be dark.

I'll show photos of it when it gets a little more presentable.  Until then, here are more images from our week together as a family in Western Michigan.  This was the absolute best birthday gift ever!!!  Western Michigan is my second "hometown".

Boats at rest in the Marina.
The gardens were fabulous, I took many photos for ideas in my own home.
Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market
Hubby (on the left) with his BFF.  He and his wife drove over to have lunch with us by the Marina.
A selfie from my daughter-in-law's camera
My much beloved New England Contingent
I think this sampling of subjects gives an idea of the week.  Many thanks to my family for making it all possible.  They are priceless.  :)


Vee said...

The flowers are beyond gorgeous as are the berries. We have yet to have fresh blueberries or raspberries so I'm craving them. The family photos are too precious. How did you get them all to smile so sweetly and look so cute?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My daughter-in-law took both the selfie of she and Christopher and the photo of Stephanie's family.

She's really cute, she can get people to smile, hehehe.

As for the other photos, my grandchildren do smile for Grammie. ;)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Precious, precious time!

Love the family photos - so great! Beauty in of the produce, and Michigan! I went to bible school in Jackson. I haven't visited in years, though we have relatives in MI. I should go!

Thankful you have it all stored up in your heart too. It will be great to think on when the Winter is cold and dark!


Kathy said...

Love the pictures! What a wonderful vacation/birthday gift. I think happy memories are the best gift ever.

Deborah Montgomery said...

As a Michigander myself, I know how beautiful that part of the state is. Looks like you had a wonderful time! said...

Nice pictures and wonderful memories with your family. Thanks for sharing the blessings of your loved ones.