Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Are you living life on purpose?

I had time to reflect on vacation things like "where in the world did the years go!??".  You know, just the little ponderings about the big stuff.

So I spent some time in prayer and took pen to paper.  This I Take Joy article is the wisdom I felt the Lord gave me... ideas on how to live life each day more purposely.

You can read the article... here.

Photo:  Taken by my daughter-in-law... South Haven harbor at sunset.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts. You surely do have a God-given gift with words. I could not come up with so many wonderful ways to express myself but you do it beautifully. Glad you had such a blessed time with your family. Blessings, Sharon D.

Vee said...

Stunning photographs coming from your vacation. I can tell that getting away is a very good thing for one's spirit!

Patsy said...

I read your article--- it is all a good way to think and God will bless you. I have been wondering why God Placed me in this day and time with the world in unrest. I understand now.
It makes His word so much clearer as His plan is carried out. Light--darkness, Love --hate.

Terra said...

I read your article and like your ideas and the 2 new creative outlets you chose. The big O birthdays are times of reflection, I have one coming up next year.

Rebecca said...

I did a similar re-calibration during an overnight away from home last week....(I DO wish I'd had more time, but my circumstances cancelled a plan for a 5-day silent retreat I'd hoped for earlier in July.)

I identify with most of your personal purposes....need to pay attention to #3. Blogging & some intense Bible study fill my day. I have neglected my song-writing and COULD/SHOULD/WANT TO get back to it. I also want to figure out how to spend more time serving others & connecting intentionally with friends. My responsibilities to my aging parents take a lot of my time and emotional energy, but I want to steward what I have left better in this area...There. I've said it.

Scrappy quilter said...

Love this article. Beautifully written.

mdoe37 said...

I'm doing some of that same reflection... I just turned 50. Time has seemed to just flutter away, one day melts into the next. 50 doesn't bother nearly as much as things undone.

Beautiful photo! That is a beautiful port. I was there early spring (in winter clothing) piloting a boat through those piers to fish coho and brown trout. My photo is early day between the pier heads - not a good picture...I was driving. lol