Friday, May 09, 2014

My World this Week

The Cross Town Rivalry was this week... Sox took 3 of the 4 games!
This is the "Better late than never" version of My World this Week.  It is definitely a busy time of year.

I was hoping to get the soil amended today in the raised bed where the tomatoes will be planted.  But it is raining!  I knew I was safe in planting the green bean seeds before the traditional Mother's Day planting date for summer veggies.  But now it is time for the tomato plants.  That is a sure sign of warmer weather...

Here is a brief look at my world this week through the lens of a camera.

I will be sharing about both of these books soon.  The one on the bottom will have a separate review since it is from a publisher.

I will begin The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry as soon as I'm done with the other book.  This one was a gift from a precious friend.   More about it next time (hopefully).

We are quite relieved the White Sox are having a better season than last year!  Love our Sox!

I baked a Derby Pie for Mr. & Mrs. Christopher on Saturday.  When using a frozen pie crust like this one, it takes only minutes to put together but it looks quite difficult.  I won't tell the secret!

The recipe is parked... here... and yes, I did replace the former photo with this one.  This look better.  It tastes like a combination of chocolate chip cookie and pecan pie.


I planted the new lovage and bee balm plants last summer and I was beyond happy they survived this winter's extreme weather.

Her Fluffiness
I am not certain what she sees but she loves having the window open and feeling the breeze on her fur.  Especially when the temperature reached 89!


suzanne said...

Oh that pie! I am a pie person. Cake, cookies, I can pass by with ease. But put a piece of pie (mmm, a slice of 'derby pie'?) in front of me and that's all she wrote. Lovely photo, and the recipe looks very easy. Thanks for sharing it, Miss Brenda. I am always so curious to research the books you mention that you are reading. Fascinating, as usual.

Bookie said...

You look like May is going well...better than April! The pie looks like sugar shock something similar is called Toll House pie...very good! Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Vee said...

Still "littling" and getting it done. Nice to have favorite herbs make it through a miserable a bonus. Sweet, sweet photo of Victoria at the window. I hope to be able to open a window here soon.

Unknown said...

That pie looks so good! I bookmarked your recipe, thanks for sharing it:) I am looking forward to reading your book reviews!

Terra said...

I look forward to seeing how you like The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. I read it about 6 months ago and liked it a lot.

terricheney said...

The Harold Fry book seems a bit slow at first. Stick with it. It soon gets under your skin and has a quite unexpected ending. Well worth the read time.