Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Facebook and Amazon...

I've had some questions recently about following Coffee Tea Books & Me on Facebook as well as how the Amazon Widget works.  So here is an explanation of both.  :)

We now have over 300 Followers sign up on Facebook since I decided to add that option.  Following there provides an ability for me to answer questions and respond to comments.

You can become a Follower by clicking the pretty flower basket icon on the sidebar or by going... here.  I announce each new post on the Facebook page.

You may need to click on the "Get Notifications" option since according to the numbers available to me, less than half of the Followers actually see the Status Update.  This seems to be a problem across the board for those of us who do not pay Facebook to promote their blog's Page.

As for the Amazon Widget, I receive a small amount of credit from Amazon.com when a purchase is made when one has entered Amazon through my blog... whether it is by following an Associate's Link or by clicking on any item on the Amazon Widget on the sidebar.

While I obviously earn credit for any item you click on and purchase... you don't have to purchase the item you click on, whether a link or on the Widget, for me to receive credit.

For instance, if you want to make a purchase but you are not interested in anything I have on the Favorite's Widget, you just click on any item shown to take you to Amazon.com.  Then you go on to purchase whatever it is you intended. 

The only time you have to come back and go through the Widget or an Associate's Link again is when you have placed your order, paid... and then decide to purchase something else.  Only then do you have to start the process again.

You do not get charged any extra on your end and it cost me nothing but the time to keep it updated and to create the Associate's Links.  For all bloggers who are Amazon Associates, it's a great way to earn some credit or cash.  I choose credit, used mostly for books and family gifts throughout the year.

So if you are going to shop at Amazon.com anyway... by starting here you bless me greatly.

Hope that answers the questions!

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Vee said...

I try to remember to do that because I figure if it's a blessing, why deny someone when it is so easy. Thanks for explaining again how it works and how it helps.