Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day cooking

I still feel under the weather (literally) but the vertigo has lessened.  My doctor told me last year when I had it all summer long that it seems to come upon me either when there are severe weather changes or perhaps when a new allergy appears.

Judging from the ups and downs of temperatures we have had this year, I'd vote for weather changes!

Despite not feeling the best, I did manage to cook a St. Patrick's Day meal... sorta'...kinda'.  I made meatloaf because that is very easy and just opened a can of corn for a side veggie.  But I also made colcannon, which is a traditional Irish dish that we love.  I started making it every St. Patrick's Day a few years ago.

My plan to make Irish Soda bread had to be set aside, too.  But I found long ago that one does not have to have perfection to have enjoyment.  I knew I had the energy to make either colcannon or the bread and I chose the lovely potato-cabbage dish.

My maternal grandmother was Irish and while I never knew her personally, my mother thought she was an angel.  I need to write my oldest sister and ask more about her.  Soon.

I also made my new favorite brownie recipe from the above cookbook.  Which is Farm Fresh Recipes, info... here.*  I LOVE this cookbook! Do you want to know what the brownies look like?  Do you?

Yum!  I took extra insulin the first day and had to use restraint after that.  ;)

Thank you for all of your well wishes.  I hope to write a My World this Week by tomorrow or at least Friday.

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Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
We have missed you! I am so glad your feeling better, soon it will be spring with warm temps and rain (lol) But at least it will not be so cold and rain is better than snow. How do you make your potato and cabbage dish, it sounds delicious! Looking forward to hearing about your world this week. Love and Hugs, Nana

Deborah Montgomery said...

Praying that you'll be feeling better soon! I always think of what Edith Schaeffer said, "If we expect perfection or nothing, we'll get nothing every time." So nice that you were able to just do what you could and not stress over it.