Thursday, February 06, 2014


This was after last week's snow but really... they are all beginning to look alike.
We had another 9 1/2 inches of snow yesterday, on top of what was already there.  I cannot begin to tell you how much cabin fever has set in.  Hubby will get out tomorrow to run a few errands before another snow is due for the weekend.

Don't get me wrong, I like snow.  I absolutely love how the world looks after a snowstorm when the sun is shining.  Which is probably why a few of the prints I have hanging on the walls have a winter theme.

But there is too much of a good thing.

People could say this is what we get for living in the north... but they would not say that to me now, right?  Not when one is going a little snow crazy?  But actually, we live in an area that normally does not see one snow after another like this.  There is usually time for a little melt here and there before another snow.

Now another Arctic front has moved through leaving behind subzero temperatures and crazy cold wind chills.  That's when I stop the work I'm doing, stretch out on the sofa to read, and invite Victoria to curl up on my legs to keep warm.

Yesterday I started the removing of books from the Study dresser shelves so teacups can be displayed there.  I would call it "tweaking" but it is turning out to be a major project.  Anytime there is a moving around of books in this house, it becomes a big project.

And that room is quite cold in winter (hot in summer).  Christopher always complained about that when it was his room.  Hubby says it has something to do with where the room is in relationship to the furnace.   I don't have a little heater in there but I do dress really, really warm... as they do in my English novels.

My husband used to go to business trips to Germany when he worked for a German-owned company (in Detroit).  He heard over and over how they consider us spoiled wimps because we turn up the thermostat so much in our homes and factories (don't even get them started on air conditioning). 

We actually do keep our home quite cool in winter to compensate for having to run the air conditioning a lot in warmer weather (due to allergies).  So if you come over to visit, dress in layers.  

By the way... that photo above?  That is our county road in front of our little gravel lane.  That flattened snow is a road.  My husband reminded me that I used to drive in white out conditions to get to work in Holland (Michigan).  I'm older and a fraidy cat wiser now.


Anonymous said...

The snow is beautiful (as long as I can stay inside and see it out the window). It is sleeting here today where I live in East Texas. I dress in layers to come to work. At home we keep the rooms not in use closed and just heat the part of the house in use. Believe me, the rooms not heated are frigid when we do go in them. But we are warm and cozy in the other rooms. . . add a pot of soup and some cornbread and we're good! Blessings, Sharon D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda:

I am sharing your in Western NY, just south of Rochester. I am almost 57 and husband 70, but luckily we have a teen son who aids in the snow removal. A little over a foot yesterday and only 12 degrees as I type. We downsized to a small ranch 2 years ago, in the country, after living in a 2800 square ft. 2 story home. A lot easier to heat..we keep in at 70. My 29 yr old daughter is still home with us too. Definitely want to put AC in this year instead of using 4 window units. Allergies here too...all 4 of us. Definitely cabin fever this winter.

ellen b. said...

Oh brrr. I will sympathize sp? with your cabin fever because I won't even drive in an inch of snow. Hope you are able to get out and about in the near future!!

mdoe37 said...

Reporting in from the other end of Ottawa County (and Holland):

Yup, its still snowing.

Think warm thoughts for me when I go ice fishing Saturday morning...near zero degrees. :)

mdoe37 said...

Oh and I keep forgetting... Brenda, you mentioned not being able to bake like you used to with only two in the house. I follow a blog called dessertfortwo dot com and, yup, everything is broken down into manageable size quantities. tiny cakes and even a dozen cookies. Not that we would EVER get tired of chocolate chip cookies...but ya know!

tpals said...

This is a good time to reread The Long Winter and feel safe and warm in your comfy home. Our winter has been more bitter cold than heavy snow. I'd prefer it the other way around.

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. And good to be warm (ish) and be inside, in spite of cabin fever.
I can relate, although we have had far less snow.
But we did get lots of ice. Thankful for no power loss.

Vee said...

We are all going to be social misfits by the time this confinement is over. =D Never have I been housebound for so long. Good thing that I must get out daily to get the boys off the bus. It is the extent of my travels. We do not keep our home as cool as we should...65 or something. One of us is old and can't handle the chill. Ha! It sure is pretty in your world. I admire your project and tweaking. Just now, I consider a shower a project.

skmanning said...


Have you seen this?

It is so precious and you might LOVE watching it. The cuteness is addicting!

Anonymous said...

W-o-w! My heart goes out to you! We are having very chilly temps for us, but at least it's above zero! Not much snow for us this winter. Although we have had 2 feet of snow and temps in the teens in the past. It's pretty at first, but does get old after more than a month! Talk about the Long Winter! Ha! Spring will seem more glorious than ever for you this year! Dig out the Gardening magazines! I went berserk last year and bought several! I love perusing through them and dreaming...
Do share photos of your reorganized bookshelves with your teacups on display when you get it all finished! At least you got inspired to tackle a project! I'm just getting over that nasty influenza/ cold/flu virus thing, so don't have energy for much of anything.
Thanks for sharing. Stay warm!
Hugs and Blessings,
Laura from WA

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Snow snow and more snow! We were to have 8 to 10 inches Wed night but it never did come, we got only an inch or two. I to have cabin fever, its pretty sad when you look forward to going to the grocery store just to pick up a few things and "browse". Are there really other people out there?? lol Love and Hugs, Nana

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We just got our power back! Hurray! Nearly 36 hours and they were saying we might be out until Saturday night!

I think we have another storm coming too - our area is mild for the Mid Atlantic and for us to have weekly storms or even multiple storms each week is so unusual. The ice storm did us in. We have faired very well, though.

Stay warm - Spring will come!

PJ Geek said...

Looked back and see you are a Sherlock fan..isn't that show incredible. We watched Downton Abbey and then Sherlock right after and it was like riding a rollercoaster.. I haven't been to your blog in a while and it was nice to visit. The Jeremiah quote was just what I needed. stay warm and cozy

Coffeevines said...

This winter needs to just go away! Good thing I have a box of K cups of tea to keep me warm and sane!