Tuesday, January 07, 2014

My World this Week

Pardon the tarnish...
It has been an interesting last few days to say the least with blizzard conditions and drastic subzero temperatures.  Yesterday morning the windchill was -40.

Thank God we did not lose power, that is no less than a miracle!  While it is quite pretty outside, I did not make my way down the gravel lane as I did the last winter storm.  For even after the temperatures raising a bit since the storm, it is currently -11.  I am not getting out in that!  :)

This book was not on my radar until it was on one of those Amazon "customers who bought this book also purchased these books" lists.  The front cover drew me in and my precious credit was spent on a book about... raising sheep?

Well, it was well worth it.  I absolutely adore this book.  If you ever wondered why good wool costs so much, about ten pages into this book and you will know why.  The photos throughout are as beautiful as you see on the cover and the author writes in such a way that you feel you are there with her during spring lambing season, through the season for yarn and fiber shows, to breaking ice from the water so the lambs can drink.

Such enjoyable reading when one is snowed in!  More info can be found... here (on this Amazon Associate's link) and I have added it to the widget.   There are also numerous knitting patterns for those inclined.

Did I mention the new season of Finding Bigfoot began about a month ago?  :)

Tea Time
When I want a quick cup of tea, I just run the water through the Keurig.  It helps to keep the nozzle clean and provides very hot water for a lovely hot beverage.

While Christmas is behind us, I am still using the pretty cup and sipping Holiday tea.  

The brown transferware casserole dish was an inexpensive find at Goodwill recently.  It is too fragile for me to use when serving dinner but it was a perfect addition to the hutch in its' post-Christmas loveliness.

It was while perusing lovely blogs and magazines where others collected brown transferware that I realized how much better it looks when various patterns are combined.  Perhaps soon I will transfer in (pun not intended) a couple of the gorgeous British Castles plates.  I SO love them.

I used a little Christmas money to purchase this addition for my Friendly Village collection.  It was at my favorite antique mall, the one which is so reasonable in the prices.

I'm now on the lookout for other Friendly Village plates that have unique patterns.  I know there are various patterns in their "buffet collection" I saw on e-bay.  (Which is far beyond my budget.)

This is currently hanging on the wall in the dining area but will join its' cousins on the table at a future date.

Her Fluffiness
I couldn't remember if I showed you this photo and I have no desire to look through past posts (blame the slothful attitude on the cold!).  So pardon if you have seen this before.

This was Victoria in her role as supervisor as I was unwrapping the creche before Christmas.  What would I do without her?


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

As always, your world is full of beauty, Brenda! I love the flowers and especially the exquisite antique casserole. So glad you enjoy the British Castle plates. I'm going to see whether our library has that book about sheep.

rebecca said...

I have a few pieces of Friendly Village plates (and recently sold 5 drinking glasses). I find them SO beautiful but really don't need one more dish or glass in my house. The few plates I have left hang in a plate rack on my wall and look pretty. :)

I'm going to recommend that book to a friend here who raises alpacas and has a yarn shoppe in her barn....I'm sure she'd be interested.

Stay warm! Enjoy the tea.

Cheryl (Copperswife) said...

I'm refeathering the post-Christmas nest here, too. I'm taking it slower than I normally do, really considering what I'd like to have out on my mantle, sideboard, etc.

I love the last picture with Victoria looking on. It's probably just me, but I giggled because it looks like one of the figures, Mary perhaps, is pushing buttons on the remote!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are staying warm and have not lost power! Brrr....I can't imagine such cold temps! I think the coldest we've ever had here in western Washington, is maybe 8 degrees Above 0! And that was several years ago. We're back to gray, rainy days, but I know we have much to be thankful for, considering what the rest of the country is getting.
You score the Best finds at your local thrift stores! What Fun! Love the dishes! And cute Victoria! Oh, and have that Christmas movie with Olivia St. John recorded years ago on video! Didn't know they had it on DVD! Cute movie!
Stay warm and cozy. Susan Branch's calendar painting for January sure applies to you now, doesn't it?
Laura C. from WA

Anonymous said...

It is quite cold here also Brenda, yet, I do want to go out and enjoy it ... briefly :0)

Thank you for sharing the book with me today, as a spinner, a knitter and a weaver, I know how satisfying it is to take the luscious fiber off the sheep...wash it...carded...spin it...weave it and see the end result on a warm and cozy garment.

Stay warm...

Vee said...

Don't you imagine cats thinking What Is She Doing Now? Lovely new brown transferware...it looks quite vintage as in great-grandmother vintage...let's see I should put a year on that ...early 1900s. I suppose that makes it officially antique. Is that what you think?

Goodness, it is brutal where you are! Stay where you are cozy and warm.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Ooooh beautiful thrift store find!! Love it and your lovely new plate. It was 4 degrees here this morning and I had to go out to two doctor appointments. Not fun. But I'm home now and don't plan on going anywhere for the next few days!

ellen b. said...

I guess compared to you we are balmy here in the Pacific Northwest! At least on the west side of the Cascades. I love transferware. We got a keurig for Christmas and I'm enjoying the hot water feature, too...

GrammaGrits said...

Love the beautiful cup trimmed in blue with blue and red pattern on the front. Can you tell me what pattern it is or company who made it? I'm a tea drinker, too, and love cups!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if victoria was planning a game of kitty hockey.

Sarah said...

Her Fluffiness looks suitably regal. :)

Stay warm! I enjoyed my visit today, you have such pretty things.

Sunshine said...

Your world is so enchanting. Thank you for sharing your lovely home! Sunshine