Saturday, January 04, 2014

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Winter Storm preps

Post Christmas organizing...
Since I often write about what I am experiencing during the week, today it is all about preparing for big storms like the one on the way.  We have had some hefty snow storms already but this one will bring near blizzard conditions along with the coldest wind chills in twenty years.

It's a given that we will be snow bound for at least two or three days... more if there is heavy drifting.  I usually like to stay away from stores during a winter storm watch or warning but we were out of a few necessary items so we braved the crowds at Kroger.  Christopher stopped by Wal Mart on his way home from work and texted that it was crazy there.

But with this kind of storm coming, I am not surprised.  Our biggest concern (besides being snowed in) is power outages.  So yesterday I got caught up with laundry except one load of towels which will be washed and dried today.  All dishes will be washed before the storm hits and I'm doing some cooking and baking today so there will be plenty that does not need to be cooked during the storm.

Of course, the most important things will be accomplished like making sure all candles are available (and the two glass hurricane lamp covers brought back in the house to protect against hurricane Victoria), the flashlights are on the dining table, and a carafe of coffee made and poured into the large Thermos.  ;)

I already charged the Kindle and the itty bitty iPod yesterday and the cell phone will receive a full charge prior to the storm hitting.   Oh, I will also fill my stock pots with water since our well's water pump is electric.

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh, yes... the wind chills may dip to -45 by Monday morning and the actual temperatures will be sub-zero.  Brrrr...  Hubby is going out this afternoon (it is already very cold!) to insulate our two outside water spouts and the pipes leading to the house.

We will keep a little water running in the sinks and open the shelves underneath both the kitchen and bathroom sinks... somehow blocking it so nothing rather furry tries to go exploring (and I'm talking Big Paw here and not Bigfoot!).

Good Links
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Marine's winter survival tips (I don't plan to be out in this but it has good info)... here.
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Florence said...

I live on the Texas Gulf Coast so our preparedness deals mostly with being prepared for hurricanes. The same principles apply though. When a hurricane comes our way, we know that power will most likely be out for several days. So food, water, lighting, and batteries must be ready.
I cannot imagine the cold that is coming your way. By the time it gets to us, it would be a mere inconvenience to you and you would laugh at how we bundle up for anything below 50 F.
Stay warm and safe.

Debbie said...

Please stay safe Brenda. So many of my friends and family are being hit hard by this storm. Praying for you!

hopeinbrazil said...

May God protect you and keep you. You have done your part.

Anonymous said...

It's been one of the coldest Decembers I can remember here in Canada.
Thank you for the helpful tips. We always keep some canned goods on hand just in case, but I"m off to the store to get some more bread.

Vee said...

Accckkk! That bad? I have already learned that I'll be on Nonni duty on Monday...freezing rain. Do you also fill your tub so that you may use the water for flushes? Mercifully, we are on town water so electrical outages don't cause such troubles, but I remember my mother always filling the tub before a storm.

Debby said...

Burrrr, be safe in that crazy weather. We have had very cold weather in the south this year but noting like what you are facing. Great job getting ready for whatever comes, we too prepare anytime there is a call for ice or freezing rain as we just don't have the equipment to clear roads in our area

Anonymous said...

Stay warm and pray that your pipes will not freeze :0(

sherry said...

Praying for your safety ...
You're wise to prepare, many don't.

Anonymous said...

We live in Central Illinois and it was CRAZY when we went to town today. We live about 35-45 minutes from things like Walmart, Sam's Club, Aldi, etc., and everywhere we went was insanely crazy. Aldi, in fact, looked like the store had been ransacked and there was virtually NO produce left, very few meats/cheeses,and entire canned goods areas where there was very little left. We talked to the manager for a few minutes and he said that they did as much business in the past 24 hours as they do in a very busy 7 day period. Sigh.....lots of weird weather everywhere, all over the country. Wishing you- and us!- safety throughout this storm!! Susan

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

We won't be nearly as cold as you but single digits is so unusual for us in Atlanta. Plus it's raining so there will be black ice on the roads tomorrow and I'm sure some power lines will go down. Just hoping we don't lose power!

Stay safe and warm!