Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I was born to hibernate

That was the text I sent my daughter this past week after she told me the early sunset time makes it easier to hibernate.   Once the time changes each autumn, I seem to yawn a lot more.

Last week was spent re-doing the Study a little at a time.  Well, on one particular day there was a great deal of moving and tweaking and the switching of objects from other rooms to the Study... but mostly it was a little at a time.  I'll show more of the desk changes later.

All of the changing about came as I realized there were absolutely too many times I was using the coffee table in the living room as a desk instead of using... my desk.  The Study sat empty quite often so some serious pondering was accomplished, not the least of which was accepting that no big quilting projects were going to be attempted anytime soon.   One has to be realistic about their plans, you know.

So... the Study was tweaked and the desk completely revamped to make it easier for one who writes instead of sews.  Just in case you think I'm completely daft (don't answer that), the intent for using Christopher's room once he moved out had always been as a sewing and craft room so well, that is what I did.

But it has taken over a year and a half to realize as the years progressed, I wasn't sewing and crafting as much as I once did.  Unlike most sewers and quilters I know, I kinda' lost my interest.  Not completely for I am certain the sewing machine will find its' way to the dining table as it did all those years we were homeschooling... but not enough to devote an entire room to it.

Sometimes it takes awhile to figure things out.

All that to say, I've been spending time tweaking the Study and quite like the results.  More will be shared, perhaps in a My World this Week if I can take some good pictures.  When one lives at the edge of a forest in November, good light is difficult to find so we may ended up using the dreaded flash on the camera.

The darker weather has also brought with it more curling up on the sofa after the dinner dishes are in the drainer, along with a book and sometimes a Maine Coon kitty.  As long as I can stay awake. Yawn...


Anonymous said...

Oh - I have to chuckle at this. So much my own story. My daughter vacated her room after her wedding a year ago and I had it redressed in a day as my new sewing room. The sewing machine is set up and I do machine work there - but all my craft business work is still done spread out in half the living room and sometimes spills into the dining room. Go figure. I call my whole house my studio. I have a separate office but that becomes the catch-all for craft supply storage, writing projects, and vintage item collections. So, yes - I'm hibernating with the works of my hands and loving it again after so many years of such things being just a hobby. Now, it's what I'm doing for a living - and the Lord is so gracious with His inspiration and provision. I just wish it wasn't all so messy - but - mess comes with the territory.

Debbie said...

Good morning! I found your blog through Vee and I am soo glad I did..I can see we have much in common. I too waited for years it seemed to have my own sewing room, and when my final child finally married and moved out I was thinking it was time. However, I wasn't even sewing at the time so I turned it into a grandkid room instead. LOVED that. Then a couple years later we sold the big house and moved into our present home which only has two bedrooms. I use the second bedroom as a guest room for my frequent visits from grandkids and when my daughter and her family come to town etc. Still wasn't sewing but only occasionally. Well, a few months ago I purchased a new Bernina embroidery/sewing machine and haven't stopped yet, lol Yes, the bug and the devotion have re-bitten me. I am sewing almost everyday! How I would LOVE to have that room now! Instead it is spread all over my everyday eating area....ALL over, lol....Soo good thing you left yourself the room just in case, because you NEVER know, lol Sorry for the LONG comment. Enjoy your day! Debbie

rebecca said...

How true! Sometimes it DOES take a while to figure things out :)

The room looks very conducive to writing & studying now. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

So true....I no longer sew or have the interest as much as I once did, though it isn't entirely over. But I have a ridiculous stash of fabric! However, I know of many organizations who make quilts for people in hospitals or in other need, and am thrilled that I can donate much of it to a good cause.

November through February at least, is inside "tweeking time".

I hope you are able to post some more pictures of your reorganized study!

Anonymous said...

Partly due to our vagabond life the last 18 months, but for whatever reason, find much less interest in sewing and projects too...and plenty of material on hand...just too lazy I guess. Glad I am not the only one finding less interest...good to hear that at least one commenter has found new interest...maybe someday!!

Catsngrams said...

I love having a room to create. My basement flooded one month ago and everything got wet and we had to replace wall board and all. It is still a mess and I am missing my creative room. So now I am on the kitchen table and I hope not for long.

Anonymous said...

Brenda..thank you, once again your post has helped me see I'm not alone. Lately I have been rethinking where I want to really spend my time. I use to sew a lot, and still want to, but not like I use to. Its time for changes. To go with the things I really enjoy, to keep it simpler. As I get older I find I can't quite deal with the pressure I sometimes put on myself to "do it all"
God bless you, Marsha