Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Review - The Song of Annie Moses: A Musical Quest, A Mother's Gift

This book was put on my mental must read list as soon as I heard it was available.  For I first heard of the children of the Annie Moses Band, not when they became famous as musicians but as the homeschoolers from the same family who won scholarships to the famous Julliard School of Music.  (The three older children.)

The first part of the book is the autobiography of Robin Danica Wolaver whose legacy begins with Annie Moses picking cotton in Texas, her own childhood and youth growing up in a mountain setting, her music education, meeting her husband and becoming gold record song writers before we ever heard of their children.

It is the story of how the impossible dreams begun in one generation can take root, grow a little in the next generation, and flourish in the third and fourth generations.  Not only musically but in a deep and abiding faith in God and relationship with the Creator.

I must admit, it was hard to put this book down.  I pretty much read it in two sofa sessions.  The author is not only an award winning song writer but has proven herself equally talented at writing a book!

The biography itself is fascinating but as a homeschool mom emeritus, I was interested in the way God gave wisdom to these two parents on how to raise their children to be both devoted to Christ and to see they were trained in the field where there was obvious talent.

One sees God at work in the pages of this book and the realization that He works within the lives of his children long before they take their first breath.

Don't think this book would only be helpful to those whose children are talented musically.  It makes for fascinating reading for anyone who wants to impact their children's lives for Christ and to "encourage their bent".  Not to mention it is just a great story.

If you are raising musically inclined children, there is an extensive Appendix in a Q & A format in which the author answers questions specifically about choosing an instrument, picking a teacher, practicing, disciplining, encouraging, etc.

If there is one thing this book teaches it is this... no one achieves a high level of competence in any endeavor without lots and lots and lots of hard work and prayer.   More information about the book can be found... here.  (This is an Associate's link to Amazon.)

I came across this interview with the author that I thought you'd like.  So I finish my review with it...


Judy said...

Thank you for all this week's recommendations, Brenda - this one sounds especially wonderful!

Vee said...

It's going on my rather long list. Thank you!

bitkin said...

YOu've added to my TBR list several books, Brenda. Thank you.

Isabel Rafael said...

Hi Brenda,

I'd never heard of the Annie Moses Band and was delighted to click on your link. I've since searched for a couple more YOU-tube videos. What a special family.

I particularly love the lyrics of a song 'Blush' - have shared it with family and friends.

I'll be checking to see if SA imports their CD's and obviously the book.

Thanks so much for the link and of course the post.