Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review - Live Like a Narnian: Christian Discipleship in Lewis's Chronicles

Many times when I read a book about the theology of another book, I find it either complicated or that the reader does not see the book as I do at all.  Not so with this wonderful companion to Narnia.

For one thing, it is not a huge book and neither is it overly theological.  I'd actually call it more thoughtful instead.  The author's attempt is to share with us the back story of the books, the various influences on Lewis leading up to the writing of each book, and at times the influence of the books on others.

But mostly he helps us who already have enjoyed the novels to go deeper into their meaning.  I would say that to enjoy the book you have to have read a at least a few of the volumes and definitely The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it on my sofa each evening once the work of the day was finished but it would also make an excellent book for group discussion for teens through... age one hundred and fifty or so (I assume that takes in any older readers).

This is one of those books where listing the Table of Contents can provide a lot of insight into what one will find between the pages so I end this review by sharing it with you.  I enjoyed this so much, it is left in the Current Reading section of my Kindle to peruse again.

More information on Live Like a Narnian can be found... here.*

Chapter Titles

Learning to Breathe Narnian Air: Discipleship and the Shaping Power of Stories

Deep Magic -- And Deeper: The Moral Law and Sacrificial Love

The Witch's War on Joy: Why Christmas, Feasts, and Spring's Arrival Really Matter

We Will Be Who We are Becoming: Our Direction Determines Our Destination

Trumpkin's Surprising Obedience: The Difference between Giving Advice and Taking Orders

The Lost Art of Chivalry: Recovering the Virtues of Ferocity and Meekness

The Follow of Nothing-Buttery:  There's Always More than Meets the Eye

After Darkness, Light, Seeing Everything by the Light of the Lion

Parents, Educrats, and Bureaucrats: Lewis's Subtle Assault on Progressivism

Breaking Enchantments with Burnt Marsh-Wiggle: Defending the Faith against Modern Fables

Shasta's Hard Lesson: Receiving the Reward for a Job Well Done

A Society of Self-Regard: Learning to Whistle Like a Humble Narnian

The Heart of the Laughing King: Learning from Lune What it Means to Be a Man

Tell Me your Sorrows: Pursuing Healing through Happy Endings

A High and Lonely Destiny: The Dangerous Trajectory of Those Who Seek to Be Gods

Tirian's Trials and Tragedy: Enduring Deep Doubt and the Soul's Dark Night

The Glory of a Narnian Queen: Standing in Awe of the Peculiar Majesty of Women

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Terra said...

Thanks for writing this review, I think of C.S. Lewis as my Christian mentor, and the chapter headings make this book sound like one I would like.

Vee said...

You've made me want it now. Thank you. I think.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I'm thinking it might make a good read aloud for the whole family who has read the Narnia series and loves it! I can imagine my kids all enjoying this.


Heather L. said...

I'm going to have to find this book!

Bonnie said...

I ordered this book right away through your amazon link, of course!