Thursday, October 10, 2013

A wonderful e-book and an offer I could not refuse

Do you want to read an excellent e-book and add to my computer fund?  Read on...

I have known Sallie from A Quiet Simple Life from the beginning of my blog experience.  Some may remember her original blog, Two Talent Living.  It didn't take long for us to become friends as I would read her blog shaking my head in agreement quite often.  :)

Quite awhile ago (I am embarrassed at how long it was!), Sallie sent me the PDF of an e-book she had just finished about ministering to people with chronic illness so I could peruse it and offer any suggestions.  As I recall, there may have been one or two suggestions I could offer but it was already an excellent book.

My delay in reviewing the finished e-book was caused by the laptop crashing and... living with chronic illness (that being the unexpected addition of vertigo this spring and summer).  Fortunately, she understood the irony... and could relate.

Living with a chronic illness can be difficult for the person going through it to understand, much less family and friends.  For instance, like many people with a chronic illness, I can have a very good day when nothing appears to be wrong with me and the next day be unable to get out of bed.  I can walk through Goodwill and shop for groceries but find it difficult to sit for long periods of time at church, concerts, sports events, etc.

So what I found in Sallie's book was very wise advice for those wanting to better understand people who live with a chronic illness.  This e-book is excellent for friends, family, and those who perhaps know someone with such an illness at work or church.

Sallie explains such topics as:
  • What it feels like to live with chronic illness (her own story).
  • The various kinds of chronic illness.
  • What to say and... what not to say to someone living with illness.
  • The financial implications of living with chronic illness.
- and -
  • She offers excellent practical suggestions about how you can minister to people who live with chronic illness.

Now, here is her offer I could not refuse.  She knew I was going to be writing this review so she told me she wanted to share half of any proceeds she receives from your purchasing the e-book (only $2.99 !!) with me for my computer fund. 

I'm trying to save up for a new computer and any little bit helps.

I almost turned her down but I decided to gracefully accept.  So if you want to purchase the PDF e-book at her website which offers wonderful advice and help my computer fund... click right here.

Her e-book is available on Amazon but due to their financial restrictions, her offer of sharing half with me can only apply to the PDF version purchased from her website.  :)

Note:  Her offer was unexpected and in no way affected my review of her e-book.


Heather L. said...

Oh perfect!!! Just clicked over and ordered this. It is interesting that God is bringing more and more people across my path with chronic illness. I feel strangely ill-equipped to help them since I have pretty much recovered from my chronic illness. I'm sure this book will be a great encouragement to me. Thanks!

Vee said...

What a sweetheart! When I find a credit card...

I think that this is an excellent topic.

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful friend you have! I'm so glad you received her offer and let us girls in on it. I look forward to learning about chronic illness as it seems many women are living with this. Much love to you, Jill