Friday, September 20, 2013

My World this Week

Cooler weather brings me back into to the kitchen.
What a week this has been, both joyful and sad as we grieve with those families who lost loved ones at the Navy facility and enjoyed seeing old friends.  Oh... I do not live near Ft. Wayne but our friends do.

We're temporarily back up in the upper 80s but I know we will remain cool soon.  So I can handle a little heat and humidity today.  The higher humidity brought with it much needed rain.  


I'm still re-reading Stillmeadow Calendar and perusing A Fine Romance off and on. 

Although I have a hardback copy of Lark Rise to Candleford, I will be reading from this illustrated edition.  It is gorgeous!  I first learned about the book in the original Victoria magazine (sometime in the 1990s), where they were introducing this illustrated edition. 

I think it is out of print but I purchased my copy used.  Info... here.  The series is only based on the book, this is an autobiography and not fiction... but still wonderful.  Yes, I do enjoy the series very much!


The first of three brand new episodes of Foyle's War was shown last Sunday. 

It was worth the wait.  It is much like the feel of the old Foyle's War episodes but with more mysterious overtones.

"Picnic" baskets
Hubby has learned not to ask when I'm setting up a photo. I put the kettle on top so you could see the basket's size.
The shape and insert makes this a pie carrier instead of a regular picnic basket.
The pie carrier on top of the picnic baskets... I love their vintage look.
I was asked about the small picnic basket.  That's actually what the tag said when I bought it originally at an antique mall (really inexpensive!).

But when I looked inside it and saw the insert, I knew it was a pie carrier instead.  But I still bought it thinking I'd use it as a small picnic basket.  :)

Autumn tea time

This new tea was inexpensive at Target so I thought I'd give it a try.  It is quite good with a taste somewhat like chai.

I have been enjoying the new tea with the latest Victoria and a favorite brown transferware mug in early afternoons.  It has caffeine so it cannot be my nighttime drink.  I tried.  I was up past Midnight that night!  Christopher and I were texting each other at 12:30 in the morning... yawn.

Her Fluffiness

She takes her role as kitchen supervisor very seriously, can you tell?


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful basket Brenda. I enjoy reading the Stillmeadow books...they make the country come alive to me. Have a blessed weekend. :) m.

hopeinbrazil said...

Hi Brenda, I enjoy peeking into your world every few days. It's so restful, like chatting with a friend. Thanks for the effort you make to keep you blog beautiful and interesting.

Vee said...

Very intrigued by the illustrated version of Larkrise to Candleford... You have a wonderful collection of picnic baskets! Do you ever use them for a picnic?

Anonymous said...

Brenda, your baskets are lovely! Thanks for the peek into your cozy home this morning.♥
Martha Ellen

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, esp. the tea and baskets today. I am going to look for that tea.
On a separate note, please don't answer if you think I am rude, but I wonder sometimes about a cat being up on a food prep surface. I know you have health problems so I hope you are careful that none of it is caused by Miss Fluffiness.
Have a blessed day.
Mrs. L.

suzanne said...

love those baskets, especially the one supposed to be a pie carrier? seems huge for that, but it is beautiful. we are edgeing ever closer to fall-like weather down here in south carolina, and i am looking forward to it! brenda, your "my world this week" posts are like a visit to your home, so real and inviting, and i also thank you for keeping these up!

Keri said...

I recently watched the first episode of Lark Rise, based on your occasional mention of it. I loved it! I'm looking forward to watching even more episodes. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! But first, I'm catching up on Downton Abby, since I'm in the tiny minority of people in my demographic who haven't been following it all along. I'm only on episode 5 (from the first season), but I hope to be caught up in time for Season Four's arrival in January. I was tired of feeling left out of conversations among my peers! :-)

Love the baskets, and I had to laugh when I imagined your husband's confused look at seeing the teapot sitting on top.

Morning's Minion said...

Delighted to note that other folks 'allow' their cat in the kitchen in a supervisory role!