Saturday, August 17, 2013

Susan Branch book alert!

It is quite difficult to read what I'm writing on the computer screen so I will be posting the Pantry Post... next Saturday.  It requires a little more research, too.  This inner ear stuff is not amusing.

In the meantime, although I do plan to review Susan Branch's A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside next week, I wanted to let you know two things:

1)  As with so many books that are best sellers when they first appear, Amazon has lowered their price again... at least for today (Saturday).

2)  Susan's office staff sent out a Facebook update that the book has pretty much sold out from its' first printing except for what is now in the pipeline.  It may take up to two months for the second printing to arrive.

So if you know you want the book and at an AMAZING price (it is $4.00 less than the pre-order price!) then you may want to check it out... here.

It has 76 five star ratings on Amazon so far (nothing less than a five star rating, yet) and although I've already written a review on Amazon... I give it, oh, a hundred stars!  ;)

Legal stuffYes, the link is my affiliate link to the product on Amazon.


Terra said...

I am very tempted to buy this book and if I do I will get it through your link here.
Did I tell you I am having a book give away on my blog today? If I already told you, I call it a senior moment, LOL.

rebecca said...

I cannot wait to hold it in my hands!