Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My World this Week

I get through my days by moving slowly and trying to remember not to turn my head quickly!

Otherwise, there are some things still going on here at home.  :)

My Dresser
There are three of us who became dear friends with each other since we met on an emergency preparedness website in the 1990s.  I live in the Midwest, one lives in New Mexico, and the third in Texas.

Recently, my friend in New Mexico was downsizing and decided to send the other two of us similar objects from her far away past of growing up in Galveston... with memories of beautiful dinners on Sunday afternoon (she now lives in what she calls a "Third World" location, the desert of New Mexico).

My gift was the pretty cut glass server above.  Instead of putting it in my china cabinet, I use it for my most often used earrings and  a necklace from my friend, Sally Clarkson... who sent it to me to remind me Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price.  :)

Decorating by Tweaking
Having spent a great deal of time on the sofa looking at these walls, I decided to change out the pictures on them and "tweak the lamp table".

So glad I did, I love how light these two winter scenes are in this room.  It doesn't receive a lot of natural light.  Both of these pictures were past Christmas gifts from my husband (he let me pick them out).

The Garden
Over the weekend I harvested three kinds of tomatoes, green beans, parsley, nasturtiums, and some basil. 

Most of the nasturtiums were placed in water and displayed on the windowsill over the sink (first picture above).

England has been on my mind recently.


Da Bears!  Pre-season football... the one sport I truly enjoy watching on TV.

Having grown up in an area where basketball is King, I knew little about football when I was married.  But one does not live with a husband who 1) loves sports and 2) whose favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears without learning the game. 

Now I am also a fan.

Her Fluffiness
I do have this photo taken with a flash.  But I love this natural light picture better.

I wonder what she is thinking...  ;)


Maggie from Stillness at Cherith said...

Hello, Miss Fluffiness =)
Always nice to see her!

Vee said...

I hope that she is thinking how nice it is to live in a cozy home and not have to be out where the wold things are. =D

Ohhh, those are nasturtiums...somehow thought that they were a much smaller flower. They look wonderful in that glass bottle. Funny how easily satisfied we can be with just a bit of fluffing or tweaking. My sister dusted my living room last week...I was making an apron...she moved an object four or five inches and it made all the difference...I kid you not!

Keep taking it slow and check out those you tube vids for dizziness if you get a chance.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lots of loveliness happening in your world!

I arrived home to find that my Victoria magazine was waiting for me! Lovely!

I am getting ready to do some tweaking too - as soon as I get over jet lag!


Elizabeth said...

I love the pickle dish. I have my grandmother's, very similar pattern to that.

Found a kitty in our yard just about 2 weeks ago now, our dog actually found her. So tiny, took her (turned out to be a him) to my older daughter who said this kitten isn't even 6 weeks old yet! We are in country, was not a feral kitten, we think someone dumped him and he made it to our door. All he wanted was cuddling and food...he was so hungry. She got him some kitten formula and took him next day to the vet she works for. Only 3 weeks old! Well the main point was that my younger daughter and I had named the kitten Fluffy. He was adopted right away from the vets office and renamed Donny.

Are there other types of comment moderation? I can never discern those letters and I always end up attempting 2-3 or more times. I have seen some with 3 letters that just wobble a bit and are very easy to read.,,,OK attempt #2 now...

carolina girl said...

love, love, LOVE your cozy study. now may i suggest a footstool to go along with that very comfortable looking chair? those nasturtiums,,wow! i thought they were daffodils, and i was wondering why you had daffodils this time of year. they must really like where they are growing!

Terra said...

Your photos are so crisp and clear, and you inspire me to go outside and make a nasturtium bouquet. Keep still and heal, and I like your decor tweaks.

Anonymous said...

My mother had a pickle dish like that. It's a good idea using it as a jewellery holder now.

Looks like your garden is doing great.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your garden harvest is better than mine! I'm finally getting some tomatoes since it's cooled down quite a bit.

Great idea to use the crystal dish for jewelry. So pretty!

Love all your tweaks and I hope the dizziness leaves you soon!

Unknown said...

I like your snow pictures. I find that changing things out makes me feel like I have a new room and that is important when you spend so much time indoors. Your cozy corner looks very inviting.

Sallie @ A Quiet Simple Life said...

Hi Brenda,

It must be the time for new kittens! I don't know if you've been to my blog recently, but I've joined you as a kitten/cat mommy. :-)

When you get a second, stop by and meet our new kitten.