Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Garden talk

This was just a little over two weeks ago, wait until you see the new pictures!
Yesterday was just too busy.  I'm thankful there are not too many overly busy days during this particular season of living.  It can still startle me when I remember days when the family was a two career couple with school and church activities (our daughter attended public schools). 

However, as of the last hour the garden has been perused, picked over, and watered as I thoroughly melted into the sod.  Or at least it felt that way.  I was going to show you a few pictures taken of lovely produce but that would require uploading pictures and my brain melted as well in the soupy humidity of a Midwestern July.

The garden should have been watered yesterday but it had to wait its' turn and I am certain I heard it complaining, especially telling were the withered leaves on the cherry tomato plants. 

When I returned to the comfort of the AC, I told my husband I thought I could literally hear the sigh of relief from the herbs and veggies.  He said he could hear them in the house.  :)

So I will return at a later time with garden photos.

In addition to a variety of errands, I've been preparing lots of veggies for eating that Hubby brought home from Saturday's hours spent helping the elderly organic farmers.   He came home with lots of green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, greens, and something else which slips my fried mind at the moment.

I'm taking some green beans over to my friend, Sheila, who offered to trade beans for her famous rye bread (which she sent over yesterday).   For my bush beans are heavy with lovely beans, too... literally in the last two days.   I'm also taking her some parsley from our garden as well as a few pretty nasturtiums.  She didn't ask for those but perhaps they will be added to a salad.  That's the plan here.

I love bartering.  That's how the author of The Feast Nearby had fresh veggies in the summer from her neighbor.  She bartered with the strawberry jam she had made.

There may or may not be a My World this Week.  I have two other writing assignments popping up this week, which I will link to from here.  That was another reason for the busy-ness.   But if I can snap a few pictures in addition to the garden photos already taken, I'll sneak in a My World post.

Now... as my friend who grew up in Texas likes to say... I'm takin' to mah' sofa with a cold drink and the vapors.


Vee said...

It is hot and humid out there. I'm eager to see the new pics of your garden. My own looks like a jungle. The tomato plants are over my head and withering and toppling. We hastily tied them up and I've been slow watering them all day. Perhaps the thunder showers will revive them. Thing is, I have been pinching out all suckers and never expected them to take off like that.

Your bartering sounds great. Can't imagine what I'd barter, but I like the idea. Enjoy the rye bread and the afternoon on the sofa.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous you already have veggies ready for picking! We don't plant our garden until May, so ours is still growing and Probably won't start producing until late August into September. So I'm looking forward to seeing your recent garden photos! I like the idea of bartering, although I've yet to do it. Maybe down the road we'll all be doing it in one form or another! It's heating up quickly here, today, (for us) in the Pacific Northwest. It's getting up into the mid 80's. That's Hot for us! I know, we're wimps, but most of us don't have a/c in our houses!
Stay cool and relax!
Laura C. from WA

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

So glad your garden and your life are doing well.....I couldn't keep from laughing out loud at your husband's saying that he could hear the veggies in the house...

The bartering is so excellent. It not only gets what you are bartering or working for, but also makes connections with good people in your area. A blessing.