Monday, June 10, 2013

To blog or not to blog...

Thank you for your kind responses as I was considering giving up blogging.  I can assure you... although all who write do enjoy feedback... my consideration was not because I needed a pat on the back or any kind of glory as was questioned.

I think everyone who reads Coffee Tea Books & Me knows I write in spite of having a chronic illness.  I've been pondering how best to use my high energy hours each day, especially as I need to schedule the use of our desktop computer when Hubby doesn't need it.

If few people would miss my blogging then I would have turned my attention to other creative outlets... like quilting again.  :)

It's hard to believe but Coffee Tea Books & Me will soon enter its' eighth year.  When I published that first post, we were still actively homeschooling high school.  Christopher didn't have his driver's license so a great deal of time was spent waiting for him to finish fencing, tennis, debate, his part-time job, and the occasional class at the community college.  That's how I could read a few books a week!

Since that time, he has not only been driving himself everywhere but he finished high school at the community college, transferred to the University, married his honey, and embarked on his career as a software engineer.  As Hubby would say, Tempus does Fugit.

Speaking of family and all... Stephanie, my son-in-law, and all five grandchildren arrived a week ago Saturday.  Their trip was earlier than originally planned but it turned out to be our nicest week of weather all spring.   We were up at 3:15 this morning to see them off (yawn...) as they hope to make the entire trip back to New England today.

I will write about our wonderful week together next post.

I'm sorry there was no Sunday Afternoon Tea... I knew what I wanted to write, which is a continuation of the recent Sunday ponderings.  But I had too much of a good thing and was quite ill over the weekend.  I think it may have been too much buttered popcorn when Stephanie and I went to see the new Star Trek movie together (loved it, loved it... did I mention I loved it?).

She warned me but I do have this thing for buttered movie theater popcorn... sigh.


Angela said...

So thankful you will continue but understand you must do what is best for your health! Hugs, Angela

La Tea Dah said...

I would miss you.

Suzan said...

Brenda I would miss your blogs very much! I am rather bad about commenting but I do read each and every one!
Ladybug Cottage

Suzan said...

Brenda I would miss your blogs very much! I am rather bad about commenting but I do read each and every one!
Ladybug Cottage

Suzan said...

I just wanted to add my author list
Angela Hunt
Lisa Wingate
Melody Carlson
Donna Ball
These ladies write very interesting fun books.
Ladybug Cottage

9peasMom said...

I am only just now able to sit down and read your last post - I always read but due to little ones I often jump up and go take care of something and fail to leave a comment letting you know I appreciated your post. I love visiting your space on the internet and have you linked on my own blog. I hope you stay.

Vee said...

Now how can it be that the very thing that makes us sicker than a dog is what we crave? Life lesson there. You know I hate to be selfish and demand that you give up quilting so that you have time for blogging. Can't you do it all? (Hope that you know I'm chuckling here.) Looking forward to what you'll share about family time. A lovely evening to you...

Karen Andreola said...

Dear Brenda,
Sorry to hear that your are not feeling well. You have my sympathy.
Your decision whether to continue blogging must be a difficult one as it has been part of your life for some years. Many would miss you as would I. Yes, please let me know when you will be visiting Lancaster.
I don't have a list as such to share - when it comes to "best books" but I will share a story I read this year - my first by the author Virginia Woolf - "To the Lighthouse." The mother is the central character in the story - a story that is sad, telling - and poetic.
Karen A.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...


Sorry about the popcorn overdose! I am certain you had a lovely time with your family, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it....

We saw the Star Trek movie too! Fun! We rarely go to the movies so we treated ourselves to the IMAX 3-D! Wowie!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got to spend time with your family. Those are the best times. Looking forward to hearing about their visit.


mdoe37 said...

Noooooooo! You can't stop! You are a voice a common sense, reason and frugal out here.

Example: A blog I read highlighted the uses of baking soda the other day. One comment was (get ready)

What kind of baking soda?
(no really)

Please, please don't leave us to that?!?!?!

Some of the responses on that blog just frightened me...I don't know how they don't get lost getting out of bed in the morning.

You all get it here....we are what normal used to be. lol

And -- you need a new computer. Sharing doesn't work. Even my keyboard doesn't work the same when the other half uses mine. Isn't son a computer individual? He must know some folks -- they are always switching stuff up. Do an Amy Dacyczyn and "put out the word!"

Marie said...

So sorry you're not feeling well, and I hope a good rest will help. But so glad you had a good visit from Stephanie and family. DEFINITELY hope you can keep on blogging, but do whatever helps you most. I always read whatever you post.

Judy said...

Dear Brenda,
Like so many others, I cherish your blog and would be delighted to have you continue, but as a quilter who laid it aside for several years and has just returned to it these last few weeks, I do hope if you feel the creative need to be piecing and quilting, that you will feel free to write a little less frequently while you create a little other beauty - progress reports could even provide material (pun intended) for some blogging!!
Blessings and thanks - hope you recover quickly from your indulging in a little too much of a good thing.

Robin said...

Please don't give up writing. I enjoy your blog so much and feel like we are twins separated at birth. I understand there may be days that you can't write and you should continue to do other things that you love, but you inspire and encourage and challenge me with each writing. Please take care and know you are appreciated! Blessings, Robin

Buttercup said...

I've enjoyed your blog very much and am glad to know that you will keep blogging. Take good care!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,
I truly enjoy and benefit from your much of what you write is so wonderfully down to earth and also inspiring.Yours is one of the very few I continue to read because of its beautiful simplicity.i do hope you choose to continue but I certainly understand there are always many things to juggle with life also.i try to make a point of always shopping through your amazon link too.Thanks for all the ways you inspire us here in the cyber world.

Carol said...

I would understand if you need to blog a lot less frequently so that you could quilt. I hope that you take some time to be creative (with quilting). I hope you feel better soon. (in MD)

Anonymous said...

So, does this mean you'll keep blogging? (Sure hope so!) I was so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well over the weekend. I wondered if everything was ok, when you didn't post anything, so I prayed for ou and your family. Speaking of family, what a treat to have your daughter and her family out to visit! And how nice that even the weather cooperated! Maybe there is someway you can still blog and find time and energy for quilting and other hobbies? Maybe spend just a little time on each? Praying God will show you and bless you with another laptop,while He's at it, too! :)
Hugs and Blessings,
Laura C. ( from WA state)

Susan said...

As I read about your daughter and family's visit, I had to smile - what a lovely time it must have been. I can't wait to hear more. So sorry about the popcorn - that stuff at the movie is hardcore, for sure.

Whatever you decide about blogging, I will try to accept with grace.

Blessings to you, Brenda.

Heather L. said...

I'm sure you all had a wonderful time last week!!!! I have just loved the weather this year -- always thankful when it is not too hot. I hope you get a lot of good rest this week!!!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

So sorry you're not feeling well but glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

Well, you don't have to post a lot. Maybe cutting back would give you time for other interests when you're feeling well?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I first found blogs while looking for homeschool information and have been so blessed by Christian women sharing their faith, thoughts, and lives. Your honesty and wisdom have helped me as I experience struggles in my own life. I thank God for you and pray that God's hand will continue to guide and direct your path. I also love your cat photos; Victoria reminds me so much of my one cat--highly curious! Whatever you decide about your blog, just know that you have touched my life in a very meaningful way. Blessings, BJ in PA

Ann said...

What a wonderful visit you must have had with your daughter's family. That's a special blessing ... even if you did overdo. Glad to see you back again ... miss your inspiring and sensible posts.

Morning's Minion said...

I hope you'll be able to continue blogging, even if on a limited basis. Your posts [may I call them essays?] are thoughful and inpirational without ever being heavy-handed.
At a point in life when many of us have to deal with some issues of decreased stamina or chronic pain I know you've had more than a 'fair share.' You are a gallant lady!

The Journey said...

I still think you need to take all your back writings and turn them into a book.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Dear Brenda, just rest a while....Peace be with you! I hope you will not give up blogging, but perhaps only a few times a week would be better for you, unless you have extra energy. Summer can be very wonderful, but also very tiring.

villarosa said...

Dear Brenda ~

LIFE ~ yours and ours! Flies by so fast each day, and what a highlight it is to read your blog post when it arrives in my e-mail box! Thank you for taking the time to help us ponder LIFE and always point us in the right direction. So glad your family was together for a short time and hoping you are on the mend to feeling healthy. I pray you make the right decision re: blogging, but you would be so missed by many of us!

Becky K. said...

I'm with you on the Star Trek movie. I want to see it again and that rarely happens for me. Normally movies put me to sleep.

Glad you had fun with your daughter and family.

Deb said...

Hi Brenda, I read all your latest posts and probably commented on one or two, but I still kept lots of older ones that I'm finally getting around to reading tonight (there's no way I can hit Mark All As Read!!). I'm just finding out that you were considering not blogging. You know, I think a lot of the energy you do have could possibly come from interaction with your commenters and the encouragement the back and forth of blogging brings. I think you would miss it greatly! And everyone would miss you!

All that said, I vote that you not give it least not totally. I think everyone who commented ahead of me agrees. :) i enjoy your blog.