Thursday, June 27, 2013

4th of July art and other stuff

First of all... thank you for your kind comments these past weeks as I was pondering whether to continue blogging.  I'm definitely staying around for awhile although with less postings.  :)

As far as Google Reader closing, it only affects those who receive updates for blogs through the Reader.  If you do, you will know it.  Every time I go there now it reminds me July 1st is the last day.

I read a discussion about the closing on one of the decorating blogs (of all places) and at first they thought the Followers was discontinuing, too... but then they were told the Google Followers would be remaining.  Once again, if you are a Google Follower you will know it (those are the pics of nice people on the side of the blogs).

As for this amazingly pretty 4th of July art, it is a free printable... here.  I had to trim it just a bit to double stick tape it onto the chalkboard.  Just looking at it makes me happy, it is so cute.

Of course, my UK friends do not celebrate our national Independence from the Mother Country but you win in the end as so many of us love all things British!  I think it started with the Beatles and grew from there.  ;)


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I'm glad you are going to keep blogging! You have a lot of wisdom and encouragement to share!

The artwork is cute - I'm going to print it off!


Vee said...

Hope that you're right! But for what purpose would the Followers remain? I mean where is the benefit to them? I do love that printable! Phew! So glad that you've decided to stay with blogging. There would be such an emptiness where you are and with all that you give. I can't put a coherent thought together today to save my soul...

Angela said...

Oh we do love FREE! Thank you for the link! Angela

Angela said...

Oh is blogger the same as google reader? Angela

Anonymous said...

So glad you will continue blogging. Your blog is one of my favorites - I check in daily. :)

I like the reminder that I am not alone in my love of books, tea, gentle thoughts and home. Also your love of the Lord blesses me.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

So very glad you'll continue blogging!

I've wondered how the whole Google Reader thing will affect readership. The friends widget stopped working for non-blogger blogs last year. So I think it's just a matter of time...

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Thank you dear Brenda for the wonderful well wishes and gentle hug. You are great.

I know what you mean about posting. Sometimes, after a few hours of working on it, I wonder if I'm nuts????

Sending love across the hot, hot miles,