Monday, May 06, 2013

Teaching our kids persistence in the storms of life

"I write a lot about building a heritage for our children with books, beauty, and creativity… all to provide wonderful memories of hearth & home.  Such a quest is all good and true but living in a world such as ours, life is not all picnics and tea time.  Rarely does a child become an adult without a family experiencing trials and tribulations… and some more than others."

The rest of this post can be found at Mom Heart Ministries blog... here.

Feel free to leave a comment there if you have advice for young moms teaching their children about persistence and "not giving up"... or if you like this for your comments keep me writing, really... honest.

NOTE:  So far I think I'll be able to work around my husband's schedule to use his computer.  Although right now he is looking over my shoulder telling me he NEEDS HIS COMPUTER.  ;)