Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Soup on the stove, flowers in the backyard...

I wish you could smell the aromas in my house at the moment as the short ribs, onion, and carrots I roasted earlier are now simmering to become a beef stock for tomorrow's soup.  I wonder if there are sections of Paradise which smell like this?  :)

Our temperatures are to reach the mid-70s later today but in typical Spring weather patterns... highs only in the 40s by Thursday.  So I am taking advantage of the ups and downs of nature to enjoy at least one more meal of hot homemade vegetable beef soup on a cold night.

In preparation for warm weather cooking, I've already moved my Crock Pot back in the kitchen.  I know... everyone else uses their Crock Pot in the cold weather months but since my oven can really heat up the kitchen and family room, I tend to slow cook more items in warmer weather.  The heat of the oven as it slow cooks food in winter adds a warm and cozy element not appreciated once the temperatures reach 70 degrees.

We are not only enjoying the first days of not having to wear jackets when we go outside but little peeks of color are sprouting here and there.  I thought I'd check my back yard a couple days ago and sure enough... there were daffodils!

You can see in the picture above exactly the riot of color I saw, for I had to (in typical blogger fashion) run back inside and pick up my camera.  A nice handful were cut for my dining table and as more daffodils have bloomed in the past two days, I texted my daughter-in-law to stop by to cut a bouquet for their town house.

Her Fluffiness is going a little (or perhaps not-so-little) Spring crazy as the windows have been open to air out the house with beautiful breezes.  The above picture was taken from the deck after I'd cut the bouquet of daffodils... yes, those are my legs reflecting back.  I had just returned from walking when I checked the backyard for flowers so I was still in my exercise togs.  ;)

To make matters worse, the neighbor's cat has been following my husband around when he is outside.  Victoria paws at the glass upon seeing the "little hussy" throwing herself at her beloved Master.

We try to assure her that her life is much better than that of an outside cat but so far she has not believed a word we've said as her basic feline instincts overrun any kitty common sense.

Now, back to stirring the soup stock and getting it ready for its' overnight chill in the refrigerator once it cools down.   Tomorrow afternoon it will be strained with fresh veggies and a large can of tomatoes added and simmered another hour or so to let the flavors marry.  Yum...


Echoes From the Hill said...

It was 70 degrees, yesterday, in Northern Colorado. Today, it is in the mid teens. My apricot, Hawthorne and Cherry blossoms, as well as my hyacinths are all toast!
Springtime in the Rockies ;(

Vee said...

Very nice legs and good sensible shoes...that's my next quest...good sensible shoes. My days of cute shoes and flimsy flip-flops are behind me I'm afraid.

Oh your home sounds so pleasant...nothing baking here, but I may because there's a chilly rain coming down and nothing cuts that nearly so well as something baking.

How long do your daffies last once in the house? Don't forget the penny trick.

mdoe37 said...

Well good old Michigan is 40 and rain -- maybe 3" by the weekend. Its thundering and Remington (the cat) has taken refuse in the bomb shelter, er, under the recliner.

Nasty as it is, we need the rain, the lake is quite low. (actually measured at the launch for fishing purposes)

My crockpot goes out into the garage in warm weather. We are usually air conditioned here and sometimes the smell hangs on for days. I just have to remember to keep the garage doors secured .... the neighbor's Lab would love to sample!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

It said 74 on my car display when I drove back from the grocery store today....What a blessing!

I can almost smell your soup stock! A funny thing happened in the library this morning when I was looking through a cookbook which had a recipe using lemons. I could have sworn I could smell lemons there in our little library. The brain is a funny thing!

Anonymous said...

I"m so glad you are getting some nice weather and we are finally getting the snow!! Over 12 inches so far and praising God for it!! Pam (SD)

Heather L. said...

I have never tried making soup with short ribs but it sounds good! I will have to keep that in mind!

I do wish we could go more gently into summer! This weather is crazy. :) Oh well!!!

I will have to contemplate using the crockpot in the heat for the reasons you mentioned....