Thursday, April 04, 2013

My World this Week

A little more "decorating by tweaking" was accomplished this week.

A quick look through my last week... kinda.  For your benefit and mine, no pictures of the eye surgery exist.  :)


I'm still perusing Falling Cloudberries as it makes my heart sing.  With a section of the cookbook given for each important person in the author's life, we have recipes from Greece (Cyprus), Finland, South Africa, and Italy... not to mention lovely pictures.

I am also enjoying The Spirit of Food which is a book of essays by various Christian writers about food, cooking, and hospitality..  This is a book I'd like to have in print someday but the Kindle is much (much) cheaper so my need for immediate gratification brought it to be downloaded.  But I must say it is quite easy to read on the Kindle.

 No, really... my favorite guilty pleasure.  My husband doesn't understand, either.

 Her fluffiness is so happy her sunbeam has returned with the Spring weather.

Spring cleaning
 This view looks much better than the previous My World this Week post.  ;)

A gift from my daughter-in-law

Great-grandmother's china with thrifted crystal

Morning sun through glass...
It wasn't until I was clearing the table that I realized I'd forgotten to take any pictures of the table set for the Holiday.  But these photos of the washed and dried dishes will suffice.

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Linda said...

It all looks so very beautiful and calm!

La Tea Dah said...

Such a cozy and beautiful world! I can relate on many levels --- except for "Finding Bigfoot". LOL! Give me FoodTV instead!

A real big foot hunter stopped by our cabin and told us of all the sightings in our area. He talked a long time. Most interesting. Hmmmm.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Lovely pictures. I wanted to mention that if you remove the yellow pollen bearing parts of the lily (whose name I forget. Anthers?) the flower will last much longer. If it is not pollinated it keeps better.

I can just imagine how your kitty is enjoying the sun. My little dog Bo does the same thing!

lynneinMN said...

:-)....Bigfoot...burst out laughing at that. still waiting for the day they actually find it. Love your pics, especially "her fluffiness". my dogs have a "bed" on the window seat facing south, and can be found there from 1-5, give or take a few minutes for outside potty breaks. God Bless You.

Laurie said...

You have such a lovely blog ~ hope you are healing well after surgery.
My husband loves Bigfoot (I don't understand it either), but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures! I like NCIS.
Now that Downtown Abbey is over it's hard to find something good on tv.

Anita said...

Lovely pictures! I've missed you.

Janie said...

*Loved* this post! I always love glimpses into others' lives. :) Especially loved the cat! And the china pattern is delicately gorgeous!


Simply Shelley said...

Lovely post.....the sunshine shining in your window caught my eye... kinda goes along with the post on my own blog today :) Blessings

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Looks like a good week in spite of surgery.

I love the thrifted crystal. So pretty.

Her fluffiness looks perfectly contented.

Take care!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I haven't watched a whole episode of Finding Bigfoot yet. I just finished watching From Time to Time. Have you seen it? It's available streaming from Netflix. It's done by the people that did Downton Abbey and you'll see many of the same actors including the wonderful Maggie Smith. Lovely movie - I was in tears at the end.

Miss Victoria looks quite content in her beam of sunlight and the thrifted crystal is so gorgeous!