Tuesday, April 30, 2013

80 degree days...

I need Downstairs Staff...

It has been lovely here, I can almost see the buds on the trees unfolding.  Rain and chill are back in the forecast in just a couple days but I'm happy with today.

Our van is in the car hospital until at least Friday, it entered last Friday.  However, our friend, Sheila, loaned us her car to use for a couple of days so we could go to the grocery store (we were out of milk for our coffee!).  She bicycles everywhere when it gets this nice.

I've been doing the usual Spring chores, this year making a priority of washing the windows on the porch, scrubbing down the porch and the bench, and pruning the bushes that are taking over our yard.  Then I'll make my way to the backyard and garden.

This is the busiest time of year and... as I've already written... that period of time in which I remind myself that much is possible when done a little at a time.  I've found myself with the words of the Little Engine that Could running through my brain, "I think I can... I know I can".  ;)

Christopher surprised me by calling and asking if I want to go to lunch with him.  I said yes and that McDonald's was fine with me.  When one doesn't eat junk food often, even fast food is special.  Although I had one of their new sweet chili chicken wraps (which is healthier than a burger) and a senior coffee.   He's promised his dad a lunch out to a nicer place soon as a belated birthday gift.

His app for the "corn and soybean" people he's been working on (for what seems forever) goes on the market tomorrow for the iPad.  I saw the preliminary app and it was beautiful, if you like corn... and soybeans... and grew up in the Midwest where such crops are nostalgic to the soul.  I even thought the pictures of the insects on said crops were beautiful and normally I don't like bugs.  Although I'm sure the farmer wouldn't find them attractive to find on his crops.

Sooo... I'm hoping to put together a post about my quest for new and almost new cookbooks within the next couple of days.  It will be a nice respite from washing windows, pruning, raking wet leaves, pulling weeds, etc.

Did I mention I have a tube of Icy Hot out, ready to use?

NOTE:  Someone asked about where the Amazon widget went?  It's still there in the usual place, under the picture of my daughter and link to her blog.  I just changed the background color to make it lighter and blend in with the rest of the colors.  Perhaps that was not a good idea?  ;) 

Image from:  Allposters.com


becka said...

I grew up in NW Ohio where it was very flat and we were surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans and every town had rows of grain elevators. It has been many years since I have lived there, but I still feel "at home" when I see those fields. :)

Vee said...

Cute little graphic there! I sure enjoy getting out for fast food every once in a while. Sounds as if you are getting a lot done! There's so much to be done this time of year that pacing oneself is wise.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I should have mentioned it too you but on firefox all I see is the title Amazon Widget. There is nothing to click on.

Glad you are having lovely weather!


Terra said...

How fun to have lunch with Christopher, and that new app sounds intriguing.

Carol said...

May I ask please what is the name of Christopher's app? Congratulations to him for creating it. (In MD)