Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainy days and Mondays...

Hubby and I went out for breakfast this morning at one of our favorite places.   It cost about half of what it normally would with a buy-one-get-one-free breakfast meal coupon.  I love coupons.

We almost didn't go as a cold rain was falling outside (and still is for that matter) but we decided if we waited for perfect circumstances, we'd never do anything.  I also know money budgeted for even an inexpensive "eat out" can get used for necessities if not used right away.

We thought it quite funny while sitting at the booth enjoying our coffee that the Carpenter's song Rainy Days and Mondays was played in the background.  We wondered if it was a coincidence or if they had a way to tweak the canned music. 

There were lots of great comments on Saturday's Pantry Post.  Someone (sorry, I forget who!) asked me on Facebook if I did anything about the dream.  Well, mainly I decided I would make more of a priority to purchase food for the pantry that doesn't need to be cooked.  If nothing else, it's a good exercise in "all things pantry related" to brainstorm various foods that don't need to be cooked.

I should clarify that the dream didn't scare me at all, I just couldn't shake it.  Normally I forget a dream about five seconds after awaking but I have had those that stayed with me and I tend to take those seriously.  If nothing else, I ask myself if anything (a dream, a friend's e-mail, a book I'm reading, etc.) is nudging me to action and in this case... some pantry tweaking.

After weeks of sticking close to home, I not only had breakfast out today but lunch.  Well... kinda'.  I was on my way home from the library when my son called, asking if I had the van because it was pouring down rain and since he just got over a sinus infection and walking pneumonia (he did?)... could I give him a ride somewhere for lunch?

He caught me at the perfect time since I just had to change my route home, swing through the Research Park, and pick him up.  He had lunch at Taco Bell.  I had water since I'd eaten a very late breakfast.    I was a cheap date and we had an entire hour to catch up on family news.

Mothers whose kids have grown up know, we get our time together when we can.  Even if it means sipping water at Taco Bell.  :)

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LauraC said...

"and since he just got over a sinus infection and walking pneumonia (he did?)" :) Oh yes, I know what you mean about being the parent of grown up children, especially recently grown up ones. Our youngest is in college now in a nearby (1 1/2 hour away)city where our older child is living and finishing college. As we picked our son up for spring break a few days ago, we got to see our daughter for a couple minutes. She appeared happy and well and I am so glad to be able to see that, even briefly, and to thank God for technology that allows texting to check in with her occasionally, as long as I do not get anxious when there is not a quick reply. It is a wonderful thing to see your children meeting the challenges of life head on, even if you don't know about all those challenges until after the fact, while still having it in your mind that you will always be there for them whenever they might need you.

Vee said...

Yes, we take them when we can and we are grateful. We're you at Cracker Barrel for breakfast? We're you? This iPad really has a mind of its own!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Glad you can get this kind of time with Christopher.

We love breakfast out, too. Becoming a favorite thing for me!

Your dream is so interesting. Planning, deepening the pantry, as we are able.


Jo said...

Yes, that time is so precious. And is it not wonderful when they call us? My daughter texted me today and asked if i had time to talk. You know I did! ESP as this is the same daughter who two years ago was barely speaking to me and not at all to her sister. She is now planning her sisters baby shower! I love it when God moves in a yes answer to my prayers!