Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My World this Week

Happy first day of Spring, no really... it is the first day of spring according to the calendar.  The eight degree wind chill (when I walked down the gravel road to get the newspaper) felt more like January.

We were experiencing record highs last year this time.  I'll take the colder temps, they are not confusing my garden.


Hubby asked for some of my garden books so I began to pull them off the shelf.  There are more than this but he felt these would umm... suffice.

A few were inherited from his dad's garden library, a few given to us, many come from library sales, and a few were purchased with Amazon credit... like Grow Great Grub and Little House in the Suburbs.  Each book provides a different perspective of gardening.


Being Watched
She's really not suppose to be up there... ;)


Whenever I have a lot of bananas turning ripe, I make this banana bread recipe.  The recipe came from Feed Me, I'm Yours... a cookbook I used when Stephanie was a baby and toddler.

This loaf was made using the "little extra butter" option so it was rich and tasty.  I can't eat but one slice and then with perhaps a salad for dinner but it is worth it.  ;)


Notice the bookmarks on pages where there are recipes I want to try soon.  I may make the scone recipe from Homemade this afternoon.

Now... I must get out the down coat and hat and gloves and venture outside.  My friend, Sheila, e-mailed me that she has leftover stuffed cabbage and homemade bread if I'm willing to make the trek into town.  She knows how much I love her stuffed cabbage.  ;)


Heather Anne said...

It's so chilly here too - but bright and sunny and every day that hovers around the freezing mark is a blessing I'll take - at least it will help with the pest population! Last summer's garden was pretty much a wash between the drought and the wind and what wasn't destroyed by those - the pests! I've never seen so many bugs and mildew! I love your stack of garden books - we have many of the same ones! Heather and I have decided that we'll have to kidnap you next time we get together - you would have loved the Inn where we had lunch! It was so much fun!

La Tea Dah said...

Your "day" is so inspiring! It's cold here too, but books and gardens and ideas meld so well from a cozy chair! Your kitty picture is precious and most darling!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Yesterday, was a much nicer day here for a first day of spring. I saw my first butterfly of the season in the vegetable garden yesterday!

I'll have to look for the Burpee book. I'm always looking for ideas for different ways to cook the things I grow.

Oh my gosh that banana bread looks so rich and delicious! I certainly would like to have a slice this afternoon with some coffee. I've made scones two days in a row now :). Tomorrow it's going to be stuffed pretzels.

Yum stuffed cabbage is a favorite of mine (none of the rest of my family likes though). So lucky you to get to have such a yummy lunch that you don't even have to cook!

Vee said...

Perhaps this is the banana bread recipe I've been looking for...nothing tastes like my mother's...she obviously had a trick...extra butter, extra sugar, something!

What a nice lot of resources for gardening you have gathered through the years. With this particularly January start to spring, we won't have to worry about gardening any time soon. And from your perspective that is a good thing...I do recall the confused garden.

Hope that you enjoyed a wonderful lunch with your friend.

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Love your gardening books. I saw my first robin yesterday! Spring really will come, Sometime! Enjoy your stuffed cabbage, one of my favorites too. Would you share your recipe for banana bread? It looks sooo good. Have a Great Day! Love and Hugs, Nana

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Stuffed cabbage! Yum.

I love banana bread and make the recipe that my mom always used from the red and white checked Betty Crocker cookbook. I've adapted it a bit, using coconut oil instead of shortening for example, but it is always delicious. I'll check out your recipe too - I like trying new recipes.

Great stack of books! We got our seed order last week, and have a plan for our garden.

I put those Laura Childs books on reserve at the library and they emailed me to say they are in! Hurray!

Happy Spring!