Thursday, January 24, 2013

Questions, Answers, and Links

I don't know about you but I am certain I was meant to hibernate when weather gets this cold.  It feels much like running through sorghum to complete necessary gotta do's this morning.

So... I am hoping two rather large mugs of coffee with Splenda and cream have caused my brain to become alert enough to write.  The jury is still out on that.

First, many thank you's are sent out to those of you who entered your Amazon Holiday shopping by clicking on the Amazon widget on the sidebar.

It all adds up and I love receiving the Amazon credit. It helps feed my obsession love of books.  ;)

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I'm hoping someday to get the blue wing back chair reupholstered.  It was purchased to compliment my former living room furniture in the late 1990s and not the "tobacco" shade of our current sofa.

In a perfect world, it would already be dressed up in a pretty print of some kind.  However, that is very low on our priority list.  Fortunately, the shade of blue works fine in the meantime.

Oh, yes... I'm sure it has broken Edith's heart as her son as written such unkind things about his family.   I know in all Edith's books, she talks about their own inadequacies and has never tried to come off as a perfect family as he promotes.  Especially in The Tapestry, she is quite open about their flaws... including Francis' temper and the way she tries to get too much accomplished in too little time, which makes it hard for people to keep up with her!

There is an excellent rebuttle to Franky's book by Oz Guinness but it is now archived and one must subscribe to Books & Culture to read it.   Oz spent many years at L'Abri and was best friends with Franky Schaeffer.

Nancy Pearcey (also a L'Abri alumni) wrote an equally excellent review of Franky (now called Frank) Schaeffer's "tell all book"... (here).   It is long but well worth reading.

Both were shocked at the disrespect and "meanness" in which he writes about his parents but both also talked about the problem of people romanticizing the Schaeffer's beyond truth.

I can tell you two things I took out of the scandal of their son's book.  

First, he was definitely a spoiled "much longed for son" and I noticed the difference between how he and his sisters were raised.  The three girls all were active within the ministry, helping out even as youngsters.  Franky was part of it later but in his important growing up years, he was pretty much raised by other people at L'Abri.

Second, it had the opposite affect on me than I think the younger Schaeffer was hoping.  I mean, really, if that family is as flawed as he says (which is dismissed by all who knew them as not true) and they could reach the world for Christ... my own flaws will not keep me from finishing the course He has set before me! 

Back in my former life when I worked in a corporation, I was taught by a wise boss that different employees can view the same "truth" differently through their own filter.  My responsibility when meeting with a group was to sort through each individual's truth to find what was really True.  I am certain Franky had a lot of hurt in his youth which brought about a warped lens of truth as he grew up to reject his parents and his parent's god.

On a lighter subject, I was asked about the crustless quiche recipe I use.  You can find it on Jewels' blog (and yes, I miss her writing!)... here.  I copied the whole post to Word and printed it out at the time so I could have available all their different options.  

While I miss Jewels' writing on her blog, I do love her daughter's blog... hereRosie's Ramblings is one of the few blogs that when I see a new post pop up on my rss feed, I stop what I am doing to read it.

Her photography was the inspiration for me to start My World This Week, I wanted to look at my life through the camera lens the way she does so beautifully.

The potato pancake mix which was shown in the photo is available in the kosher section of the grocery store.

I bought a couple boxes when it was on sale last year after Passover.  :)

Yes, that is the Farmgirl Butter Cookie pie crust recipe taped inside my cabinet door.  You can find it... here.  It is yummy!


Terra said...

I enjoyed this visit with you via your post today. I had not heard about the son dissing his parents. We are all flawed, as you say, so if they could do so much to help people, it gives us hope too.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Oh, Brenda, thank you so much for the link to Jewel's Crustless Quiche. I am going to make it today.

I have alot of vegetables to use up! I may make two of them and leave on for Andy this weekend when I am flying off to Maryland to visit my granddaughters and their dear parents! ;->

Judy said...

Thank you for the quiche recipe - I'm looking forward to trying it.

The links re Franky Schaeffer leave me saddened - the greatest sorrow of a godly mother is just this - that her children reject the faith that leads to life.

Vee said...

Thank you for responding to my comments about the Schaeffers. I am glad to learn about other things that I can read rather than the naysayers. It is so unfortunate that a son went off this way. I will follow those links.

I have heard you mention Jewels so often and some others as well. Her blog looks delightful. Was wondering why she no longer blogs.

(This post was read much earlier in the day on the iPad. My comment may not have gone through. If you'd like to delete one or the other or both, I'll not be offended.)

mdoe37 said...

Groan!!! And Strawberry Rhubarb pie!!! Mmmmm.

Back in the day when I had "functions" to attend at husband's work, a local chef made that pie. . . to die for!!!

Thank you!! And the quiche will come in handy for a quick Saturday meal!

Vee said...

Ahhh...that was interesting and informative...The Pearcy Report.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, it brightens my day! Thanks for the link to Jewels daughters blog. I really miss Jewel and her blog, is she OK? Do you know?

Adrienne said...

Hi, Brenda -
I haven't had a chance to stop by and visit for ever so long. It was like a breath of fresh air to check in here today. I, too, miss Jewels blog but I'm so thankful that you shared Rosie's blog with us. I will be there often - and I'll come back to visit you much more often again.