Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Reading, writing, and chicken soup

My sister, Bonnie, was once an antique dealer and shares my love of American primitives.  She gave me the old wooden "thingy" and I've always wondered how best to use it.  I saw something similar done on a primitive decorating blog and love it (even if something less gaudy would probably work better).

Sooo... it is a rainy rather yucky looking day here.  I am glad it was nice yesterday on our errand day.  We left home at nine-ish and arrived back at around mid-afternoon.

It was a dreadfully long day for someone who experiences fatigue but that feeling of accomplishment which comes from a To Do list with checks beside every "Do" was worth every ache.

I should do laundry today and I should declutter my office-craft room (which contains the remnants left by decorating for Christmas) but they shall be set aside.  Dishes must be washed... there are always dishes... and the stock pot will be brought out of the refrigerator to simmer the chicken soup.

The chicken (stuffed with an onion and celery) was baked on Sunday.  It will provide a rich stock that... when combined with some of the white meat, orzo, and a lemon... will make a beautiful soup.

This soup reminds me of the delicious Greek lemon chicken rice soup we enjoyed in many restaurants when we lived in Detroit.  Yes, I have the recipe... here.  ;)

Instead of more checks on the To Do list, I am taking advantage of such a gloomy day to keep the tree lights on, sip a hot beverage, and lose myself into one or two books.  I also have some writing to accomplish while the words hover in a circle, waiting to land.

One benefit of being an empty nester who must stay home most of the time is this... time... and the ability to tweak one's schedule for reading.  Today that is a good thing.


Rebecca said...

I share that privilege with you - time...and the ability to tweak one's schedule to accommodate it :) I'm reading Anne Lamott's latest book - not necessarily one I'd recommend, but one that I'm enjoying. I always find her life & insights fascinating.

Terra said...

I too enjoy tweaking my schedule to find time to read. I just completed a great book "Visiting Tom" by Michael Perry, about his friendship with his 82 year old neighbor and I am enjoying "The Cactus Eaters" (also nonfiction) a hiking adventure. What are you reading?

Glenda said...

I found your blog a short time ago, and must say, I look forward to every post. I, too, love coffee, tea, and books. There's never enough books :).

I suffer from two autoimmune disorders and wear out very easily. We are in our 60's, empty nesters, and try to schedule events, shopping trips, etc., around energy levels and based on importance.

Thank you for such an inspiring blog. Blessings to you and your family.

Vee said...

Your wooden thingy is wonderful. Have you no little evergreen tips out there in your forest? This year, I am at a total loss because there have been no red winterberries to gather. Birds must have been hungry or something.
Anyway, "the naturals" would do well in that container as you could slip a smaller one filled with water into it. I'm still trying to think what to do about "the mittens" at my place. Oh just reading Rebecca's comment...exactly how I feel about Anne Lamott's books...love them, but how does one recommend them?

Okay, babbling and am now off to gather some provender before it snows or rains or worse.

Anonymous said...

I believe that "thingy" is a spool used down south here in the old garment mills. They come in different shapes and I have one myself which is currently being used as a candle holder. I'm interested in the chicken soup with lemon in it. I don't believe I've ever been served soup w/lemon nor have I ever made it that way. This will be a new experience.
Have a blessed, cozy evening. Glad you got your errands done on a pleasant day.

Heather L. said...

It was the turkey stock pot simmering over here today -- my favorite! Actually, it's the reason I bought the turkey in the first place. But, it provided a sumptuous meal on Sunday and one yesterday and now the soup will serve for 5 or 6 more meals.......

I am so intrigued by the BBC Christmas DVD. NEver heard of those collections before! Now I want to try one....

Anonymous said...

Chicken soup and a good book sound great.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

This sounds like a very yummy soup and a very cozy day Brenda! I am off to look at your soup recipe as it's always a challenge to find a good recipe to use up those bits leftover from a recipe that has stronger flavors (i.e. lemons). Thanks so much for sharing!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

P.S. Love your spool and the antique-y vignette!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love your display. The soup sounds so good!

I'm wishing for a rainy cozy day at home. Everyday has been sunny and warm - like June. I'm ready for a cozy winter!