Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My world this week...

The silver was moved to the buffet where it will remain until December.
I have quite a few nice pieces of silver, all found at thrift stores and such...

This looks like a week with less gotta do's and more time to enjoy my days.   The silk flowers on the silver tray is actually my corsage from Mr. & Mrs. Christopher's wedding.

I agree with Manuela, there is so much one can do around the home that we should not get bored!


I'm reading a few books that have long been on my list to read and re-read.   The Schaeffer book called No Little People is made up of a collection of sermons Francis Schaeffer gave at L'Abri and each chapter is self contained. I first read it ages ago...

A Passion for the Impossible is the biography of Lilias Trotter and I've heard many people recommend Gilead.  I almost always have a few books going at the same time, whether "hold in my hand" books or one on the Kindle.  :)

After Thanksgiving, I'll begin putting together the stack for my Advent reading... everything from Miss Read's Christmas books to my Advent devotional called Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.


My dear friend B.B. (aka: Belinda) gave me the Hershey's cookbook many years ago (I think for my birthday) because the picture reminded her of me, hehehe.  I made a new (to me) brownie recipe from it, they are cooling as I write.

I don't do a lot of baking, anymore... but Hubby and I both thought chocolate sounded good right now.  He woke up at 6:30 to stand in line at a food pantry this morning, I'd say the man deserves chocolate... it was only 25 degrees.  Brrr...

I also have a loaf of bread mixing in the bread machine.  :)


The stopper must not have been in the sink correctly as the water leaked out slowly.   I thought it rather attractive and colorful so the camera came out before adding more hot water!

There are usually three or four times the amount of dishes in the sink but with all my baking this morning, I've been washing them as I go about my cooking.

Real Life

This is what my dining room table has looked like recently.

"Someone" has said he is going to sort through those papers... "someday"... "soon".

Tea Time

I don't think the tea kettle gets enough attention.  This one is a work of art (and one of the best Goodwill finds I ever purchased).

Notice the singed side of my spoon holder?  That happened when I used the stove for the first time and didn't realize just how hot High was on that burner!  That's okay, I still like things even if they are singed and chipped.


The Great Furry Hunter is stalking her next victim.  Fortunately for squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, birds, and other kitties... it is only in her dreams.

But she loves to sit and watch her domain... that being the deck and the yard that is in her line of sight.  She takes her job very seriously.  :)


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I really love these posts of yours!

I love your cheerful kitchen, and seeing Victoria....dishes in the sink...

Home life!

We has sleet and hail this morning! It's not been very cold and now the sun is shining but it was a bit weird.


Anita said...

Your pictures are so bright and colorful. A very enjoyable post, indeed!

Echoes From the Hill said...

This weather, and season, is just made for baking. I've been doing some of that too.
Love your red mixer.

Margaret Schulze said...

I loved today's post! It provided some "warm fuzzies" as I spotted your silver tray which I believe is exactly like one of my mother's trays (though mine is hidden in a chest and might just need to come out and provide a few more happy memories). My stack of books beside my favorite chair resemble yours as well. Thinking this would be a lovely (cloudy and cold out) afternoon to curl up with my Kindle and the "no brainer" novel I am currently reading!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

What a charming glimpse into your day Brenda! Such a cozy home. I too agree with you and Manuela...there is ALWAYS so much to do, enjoy and/or create at home to never be bored. I am quite the homebody myself...in fact my kids think I should get out more. I tell them I'm a follower of the Longfellow philosophy...
"Stay,stay at home my heart and rest. Home keeping hearts are happiest." :)))

Anonymous said...

If my cat was there she would curled up on the newspappers for a nap. Does Victoria like to do that?

Love the pictures of your house.

Jane said...

So cozy and peaceful looking!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts. Pure coziness!! Just perfect for a dark and rainy here today in the Pacific Northwest. I ventured out to the local craft store to find me some wooden acorns to put in a vase with a candle similar to the one on your coffee table! I'd been looking high and low for some and Finally found them! We don't have any acorn trees out here! Would absolutely Love to get a hold of a copy of Miss Read's Christmas stories!! I'll have to check Amazon. Thank-you for sharing your world with us. It's such a comfort in times like these.
Hugs & Blessings,
Laura C.(I noticed a comment on your last posting by another "Laura C." so, apparently there's two of us!!)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I agree with Deanna, I love these posts of yours. This would make a great blog linky party :)

Love, Love the new layout with the larger pictures. It's so nice to be able to really see everything.

Your silver looks so pretty with the soft light. Love your red Kitchen Aid!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your posts are so positive and always make me feel happier. Love you tea kettle. I'm another lover of red and yellow to cheer me up. I just realized a few days ago that I REALLY have to polish my mother's silver teapot! It's in a hutch with glass doors so I don't always see it that clearly, but I did recently and was shocked. Your silver looks lovely! The sunlight slanting into your dining room is a joy.

Anonymous said...

Love the "Dish Pan Art". Call me strange but I love to get my hands in nice hot, soapy dish water and get the dishes washed. Hate to leave any dirty ones in the sink. Blessings to your hubby for his early morning stand in the cold. Have a wonderful, cozy day.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Instagram.com/melissasnotes said...

Yes, I also love your new look for your blog page and the bigger pictures. I happened upon this blog and immediately thought of you. I like Pinterest also, but the "old fashioned" Journals are more enjoyable for me. Here is a link:http://www.thecountryfarmhome.blogspot.com/

Kelley said...

I enjoy reading your posts every day! I am looking forward to your Christmas advent selection of books you are going to read.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts every day. I am looking forward to your selection of Christmas advent books.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda!

I really like seeing pictures of your cozy home. Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear your thoughts on "Gilead" - it is in my pile to read.


Front Porch Grace said...

Lovely, homey, welcoming tour!

I have missed time with your blog due to many life/time altering events.

Having time this evening to "catch up" is treasured.

In His Grace,
PS You offered encouragement to get started on a blog. It's been a long time coming and it's certainly a mess (sort of like life), but it may be up and running now; thank you for the nudge.