Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

This was one of those rare days I left home quite early, made one quick trip back for five minutes, and then left again only to arrive home in very late afternoon.

I could hardly muster the strength to walk through the door but a blur of fur ran in from the kitchen to welcome me home, how bad can that be?  :)

Her Queenlyness tried to tell me she had not received one bit of attention all day, she went so far as to jump on my tummy as I plopped on the sofa and further give me the events of her day and how she was totally without affection.

Hubby... who had been unceremoniously dropped back home so I could hurry to my next destination this morning... assured me not to believe any of her "tall tails" for she had indeed had undivided attention while I was gone.

Such is life with a furry diva.  :)

The rural mailbox today held only one piece of mail but it was a good one... the latest issue of Victoria magazine... the British issue!    I think this evening I will fluff my pillow and bring it to the sofa (the magazine Victoria, not the kitty Victoria... well... maybe the kitty, too), cheese and crackers for dinner, a K-cup apple cider, and a DVD.

This is titled "Hurry up and wait" as that is what I did all day.  After a day of appointments and errands for which I had to hurry to arrive and then wait... and wait... I was as tired as if I had been on the run all day.

However, I had one two hour time period between "dropping off" and "picking up" this afternoon which I spent at Barnes & Noble perusing... a favorite and rare past time!  What an amazing number of eye candy magazines at B&N these days!

I think my favorite was Artful Blogging, which I don't normally read (as my blogging isn't artful) but this issue is particularly beautiful.  Perusing it was like a pictorial vacation.  I am so impressed by the lovely work these bloggers are able to create.

Speaking of creating, I also perused Where Women Create, which is the sister magazine of my favorite Where Women Cook (love that quarterly magazine!).  I do get some good ideas while perusing Where Women Create but most of the rooms are just too cluttered for my taste... and I love English Country so that is saying something.  I think I have creative ADD.

As I said, It has been a very long time since I've been able to sit and peruse magazines at B&N so it was quite lovely to sit and read for awhile.  I was surprised at the number of new (at least to me) magazines that are now being sold about sustainable living, back to the land, hobby farming, etc. 

Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I remember when such a call to the land occurred in the 1970s when I was but a bride.  It was from that beginning that such magazines as Organic Gardening was birthed.  We were in the midst of civil unrest, an energy crisis, and economic uncertainty.  Hmmmm...

Okay, my brain is now officially foggy.   Where was that pillow?


Rebecca said...

Oh! I enjoy "perusing" at B & N, too. Next time I'll have to look for that British issue of Victoria. (I no longer have personal subscriptions...)

I'm glad you had that hour. It is like food for the emotions or spirits, isn't it?

Vee said...

I hope that by the time you are reading this, you have had some wonderfully relaxing time on the sofa. I love crackers and cheese and fruit suppers. They are very satisfying, light meals, which reminds me, did you always love the part of Heidi where the meals were described and how sweetly her grandfather presented them to her...warm goat's milk, cheese, and hearty bread...something about your supper took me back. I don't think I've read "Artful Blogging." Anyone we know doing an artful blog? Hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Always like to hear what Victoria is up to. We sometimes say our cat should receive the Oscar 'For a truly outstanding performance...'

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

My Victoria was in my mailbox today too! So wonderful...I love to savor it! This is one of my favorite issues each year!

I have many days like you had today, they do make one tired!

Tea and Victoria! What a way to relax.


Front Porch Grace said...

There's no place like home. No doubt. I took an almost one year sabbatical from B & N. For a while there it became my monthly mission to get time there with my daughters. I felt a conviction (from my pocket book and my heart) to steer clear for a while.
I did. My youngest daughter was greatly disappointed in this conviction.

The other week, I found myself in town waiting on said daughter to finish up a leadership workshop with a few hours to spare. (We live too far away from the big city to justify the gas expenditure to drop her off and drive all the way home and then drive all the way back.) So I checked my heart and felt it okay to visit B & N to read and wait.
Oh my. The freshness of the once treasured diversion. "'S wonderful, 'S marvelous...'S awful nice, 'S paradise. 'S what I love to see!" =o)
My youngest daughter was disappointed to miss out, but I could see that gleam in her eyes. I am sure she is busy plotting, um, planning, a way to get there with me again! I won't drag my feet!

Your day sounded hectic, but a wonderful haven to return much thankfulness must have welled in your heart.

Ah-apple cider? Come on fall!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Oh, how fun to have a good excuse for browsing the magazine section of B&N! I'll need to look at that artful blogging one. (such a real "need", you know.) And now, I hope you have a low key, quiet and very refreshing day today!

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently the fur baby wanted YOUR attention, more than his??? Animals do kind of like one person more than another sometimes within a household...funny creatures that they are. I was told our dog preferred me cause I always spoiled her...maybe. They spoiled her too!!