Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meeting a blog friend

Carolee, David, and Hubby

I love meeting friends I've made through this blog and getting to know Carolee Snyder in person was a delight!   She was one of those people whom I instantly connected with, not to mention her kindness when in the midst of a crazy busy planting season (and getting ready for an overseas trip) she answered all my lovage questions last May!

I only wish we'd had more time to chat but she and her hubby were on their way to meet friends for lunch in another town before traveling on to Chicago.  I completely forgot to show her the sad state of my herb garden.  That may have been a good thing.

Carolee is a fantastic writer, I have read her novels Herbal Beginnings and Herbal Choices.  I have yet to read Herbal Passions but I expect it is just as good.    If you are curious, the link to her Herb Farm website is... here.

All these herbs were prepared to make it easy to dry, including the lovage.

Carolee came with gifts (I don't think she knew my birthday is in a couple days).  Above is the big basket of fresh herbs.  The basket is now in My Room, I think I'm going to line it with cloth and use it for yarn (when I purchase some for my first project).

In the meantime, look who discovered it.

The teacup which is now hanging above (lower right hand teacup) was a gift from her, too.  So pretty!

The tea strainer was inherited from my mother-in-law

She also brought rose tea, which I love to sip from time to time.  I hadn't had rose tea since I had my own small pot at a tea room with Stephanie (who does not like rose tea so I didn't have to share).  ;)

The July birthday teacup was an early birthday gift from Stephanie a few years ago when we visited Old Sturbridge Village and the teapot was a birthday gift (or Christmas?) during her college years.

The teapot is still my favorite.  Believe it or not... while they look so much alike... the teapot and teacup are made by two different English china companies.

Just to keep things real... hubby also shared tea but didn't want one of those "dainty cups".  I let him use one of the Cracker Barrel mugs my sister, Bonnie, gave me last year (my love for Cracker Barrel is well known in the family).

I thoroughly enjoyed the tea this afternoon in the dainty English teacup.  It brought back the very enjoyable visit with my friend.

I still hope to make it to Carolee's herb farm someday.  I hold her constantly in my prayers, it is not easy to make your living growing anything in this drought and she's had to spend many many hours a day watering to keep her crops alive.

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Vee said...

Big smiles all around...the car makes me smile. Hope that your blogging buddy has a wonderful time on her journey. I will go visit her site when I'm more awake. Lovely gifts she came bringing...