Friday, July 20, 2012

Coffee Tea Books and Me on Facebook

If it is before 10:00 EST on Friday, you still have time to enter the give-away on yesterday's post... here.  I will wait until then to "draw" the winners.  There are THREE chances to win the delightful new tea time e-book!

Heather says it was designed for Diamond Jubilee parties but can easily be used for an Olympics party.   Of course, the recipes are yummy any time of the year.

Now... for for the big news Coffee Tea Books and Me is now on FACEBOOK!  Just "like" the blog on Facebook (that is if you do LIKE the blog!". 

I set up a Community Facebook Page for us because... well, we are a community.  Some of us have been together for an entire six years (CTB&Me starts its' seventh year in two or three weeks).

The link is on the sidebar of the blog but you can also go... here.

Hubby is taking me to Five Guys for an early birthday meal today so I have to get a little more housework accomplished.  We figured today would have less crowds.  The place is so LOUD when it is crowded but it sells our favorite cheeseburgers.

We were going to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast ON my birthday but we have a scheduling conflict (something we cannot change).  I thought a birthday would be a good excuse for eating so much cholesterol.  ;)


Ann said...

Happy Birthday and wishes for many more!

Vee said...

You're going big time! ☺

I don't do Facebook, but hope that you have a fun time.

We want to try Cracker Barrel for breakfast someday. That'll take a little doing as it's an hour away.

Enjoy your evening out and your birthday breakfast.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

How fun! We like Five Guys...yummy!

I will head over to your FB page and like right now!

I have been thinking of putting my blog on there too.


Judy said...

Birthday blessings!

Cheryl said...

Brenda, I should know this as I've been on Facebook for years...but if I "like" Coffee Tea Books and Me, will other "liker"s be able to see my last name. (I try to be rather enigmatic here on the internet. ~smile~)

Deb said...

Happy happy birthday, Brenda! I hope your day was super enjoyable. We don't do FB either so I won't get to keep up with you over there. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Dee frpm Tennessee

Happy Birthday , Brenda. (I sent you a friend request Devonia Dykes Cochran) on fb but you never responded so I didn't want to be a pest..LOL.) Not on fb much this week due to some family "stuff" going on.....and some health issues that won't go away. But thanks to the grace of God, I am 99% sure that my former dr is gong to accept me back as a patient - and she WILL do the extra mile to see what's going on. And it's ONLY by the grace of God - all praise to Him. I just mentioned CB to my husband - I would LOVE to have one of their blueberry muffins right now!! We can't use our oven in these temps --just heats up our house and our ac is already so high. Have a Blessed Birthday Week!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, a bit early. Hope you enjoyed your dinner out.


Cheri said...

Happy early birthday, Brenda! Hope you enjoyed your birthday meal!

Angela said...

Happy birthday Brenda!

TeresaAngelina said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda! God grant you many years!

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Happy Birthday! I have been to Facebook and liked you. Looking forward to hearing more from your blog! Love and Hugs, Nana

Front Porch Grace said...

So excited about the Facebook news! I have shared many of your posts with my friends there.

I really like Five Guys. Enjoy and Happy Birthday, Brenda, to you and your blog!

In God's Grace,