Monday, June 18, 2012

More "new room" pictures

The remainder of my old bear collection with a recently thrifted doll...

I fell asleep in the afternoon (as I often do while taking antibiotics) only to be rudely awakened by someone shaking me and talking about the sound of something outside.  I could quickly hear the reason for his excitement... a thunderstorm was beating against the windows... what a beautiful sound in this dry spring.

I doubt there was enough rain to help crops but it was good for my garden.  Veggies like rainwater.

I thought I'd share some more pictures, remembering this is a room in process.  Although I expect the above rocking chair area will remain the same.

I'm really hoping to get a table in there soon and when Christopher finishes moving out (someday), some more storage.

The only reason the vintage sewing machine is on the left hand side of the cabinet above is for Miss Victoria to sleep there once in awhile.  It will be set back to the right soon for she has plenty of places to nap.

The previous owners had the TV shelf installed, we have used it for displays...

Items which bring memories with them of special times and loved people*

I switched this lampshade from a table lamp to the floor lamp, love the way it looks...

I think this corner to the right of the cabinet will stay the same, too.  It may have to be tweaked to fit a table in until Christopher takes his bookshelf and books after he graduates.

The dresser and shelves shown above will stay, too.  I have fabric and craft supplies stored in the drawers.  Some of the items on the top of the dresser/bookshelf were gifts, too. 

The two small brown stonewear objects were just given to me by Stephanie.  I believe she said they were both from a visit with the kids to Old Sturbridge Village.  They are beautiful, I love the look and feel of things made by hand.

Speaking of which, Heather's cute felted robin she made me is up there (top of the dresser, all the way to the left)... away from Victoria's teeth.

I was very fortunate to find the wrought iron teacup holder at Goodwill!  I think part of the reason I find such good things there is that I go to the store with a mental list of items I am always looking for... and a teacup holder has been on that list for awhile... and sometimes it is definitely a God Wink.  ;)

It was the same thing with this picture, I always look through the artwork when at thrift shops.  One thing that is good for people who love vintage... it is usually priced far less than the modern prints.  I had been looking for just such a picture for awhile now.

I always remember Laine (of Laine's Letters) who said she actually wrote down her "wish list" and kept it in her purse for thrift stores and garage sales.  She also had only a few dollars to spend here and there.

Perhaps I should call the room a Mom Retreat as someone mentioned?   After all, it contains items that when I look at them, they remind me of a much loved person or a place or a warm and cozy feeling...

*The vintage fan in the picture was purchased by Stephanie the year we went to Brimfield together (one of my favorite of all days in my life).  She decided to loan it to me a year or two later until her children are all old enough not to stick their fingers in said fan.  Many of the items in this and other pictures hold special memories attached.


Vee said...

He woke you up to share a thunderstorm? Hmmm... =D Too funny.

Your room is very cozy. I know that you'll enjoy many happy hours tweaking and working and relaxing in that space. I wish that my sewing room looked so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pictures of your "new room". Wondered if the room has a closet that you could use for pantry storage.
It's wonderful to have those days that remain in memory as a special day. It may not have been anything spectacular but for one reason or another it brings back warm, happy feelings.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It looks beautiful! The flooring is very nice, too. I love wood floors.

Enjoy your rain. Xx


Nana said...

Hello Brenda;
Greetings from rainy Northern Ohio, we have had 2 days of rain along with some wonderful thunder! My veggies and flowers are very grateful! So am I, helps to keep the water bill down. Your room is just lovely, it seems to be such a quiet, calm spot, I dearly love your antique sewing machine and fan! Have a great evening. Love and hugs, Nana.

Cheri said...

It looks like a wonderful retreat! So cozy and comfortable and inviting.

And when you have had enough rain? Send it our way, please. Our grass crunches when we walk across it...

Anonymous said...

I love your new room. Mine is packed full with materials- I am working on it. I hope soon to bring my dolls in. Cup holder is lovely and the extra panels of lace! hugs dear friend.

Cheryl (copperswife) said...

The new room is coming along so nicely. I think I like the term "mom retreat" better than "mom cave". Caves always sound so dark and dank, and your room is light, airy and beautiful.