Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

Happy Earth Day!  My husband and I disagree on this day, I believe as Christians we should above all people be taking care of God's earth so anything that helps us remember that is a good thing. 

What can I say... I am a Crunchy Con (remember the book, I loved it!).

Now for the pantry... for my family, the most important part of keeping a good pantry is having a list of necessities.  We can't afford food that sits there unopened for years (although having said that... I do sometimes have something new to try which may sit awhile).

So, I thought today it might be good to give you links to some excellent pantry lists and articles about the pantry.  A few are new, and a few are "oldies but goodies" from my sidebar.

May these inspire your list!

The recent Pioneer Woman pantry post... here

The Pioneer Woman's PDF pantry file... here

The Christian Home's pantry list... here

The Urban Homemaker's pantry list... here

Honey Hill Farm's "Providing from the Pantry" series... here

Down to Earth's "Saving Money with a Stockpile" post... here

Come to think of it, here is a list of all the Down to Earth stockpiling posts... here

My favorite pantry article from the 1990s... here

A good PDF article about how long to store items... here

I think this list will keep you busy for awhile.  For further info, I do have my Deepening the Pantry list of links on the sidebar.  There are a lot of other good places for information to visit in those links.

I need to spend a week or so updating all my links (I know there are a couple dead links there).  But that will have to wait until... oh... perhaps the heat of July and August?  ;)

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HeatherMavis said...

God commanded us through Adam and Eve to be good stewards of the earth Genesis1:28 "...fill the earth and subdue... have dominion..." If a day like Earth day is celebrated(esp. by a christian) it should be done in honor of the Creator and to remember His command.
Your husband must be wary of the New Age practices behind this observance for many. I agree with him but I also agree with you.