Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Calendar art

I used my Amazon widget credit received in November to purchase a beautiful Lang calendar for my kitchen. (Thank you, again!)

I usually wait to see what the stores are selling half price after the new year (and for two years, have purchased a Susan Branch calendar). However, I thought a wise use of credit would be to purchase a Lang calendar as I love the pictures and the big spaces for writing appointments and such.

Although purchased through Amazon with the credit, I did my research at the Lang website and found this beautiful calendar based on the 23rd Psalm (at the Lang site, you can see each page of a calendar close up).
Lady Lydia had mentioned in a post (not too long ago) that people used to cut out pictures from magazines and such to use as "art" because they were pretty. I remember back when homemakers did such a thing.

I have cut out pictures (and well loved post cards and greeting cards) taped to the inside of kitchen cabinets... along with my favorite cookie and bread recipe. Of course, now I keep favorite magazine pictures filed for my scrapbook journals.

I also like to use art from calendars and I keep my beautiful calendars for awhile in case I want to frame them someday.

One of my favorite artists is Robert Duncan, the picture below is from one of his calendars from a few years ago, taped on the back of a used mat. The frame and mat were purchased at a thrift store (or garage sale, can't remember now) without any art in it. Beautiful art in my home for just a few dollars (his matted art is very expensive!).

With so many calendars available right now, you can enjoy your favorite artist throughout the year and then mat the "art" later... or immediately. :)


Angela said...

Oh Brenda, I have a HUGE portrait by Robert Duncan, Mother and Son. My mother bought it for me the first Christmas I had my oldest son... Glad you were able to get such a pretty calendar. I too save the pictures and use them in frames, or in my cabinets, or for use with the daycare children...
Blessings sweet sister..

Melissa said...

That is such a great idea, to mat the artwork from old calendars! Thanks.


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This is a wonderful idea. This picture looks great.You have some of the best ideas.

flmom said...

I did this 20 years ago when I was in college to add some pretty and affordable decor to my apartment. My roommate at the time laughed at me though. It wasn't "good enough" for her. Pfffttttttttttt! I think it's a wonderful way to enjoy something you find lovely.

Sharon said...

What a great way to save lovely pictures. I love the sentiment on the front of the new calendar, "Endurance through Faith" - so few words saying so very much! :)

Beth said...

I have three Redoute rose botanicals hanging above the bed in our bedroom. They were from a calendar that I bought half-price one year and saved. We found beautiful cherry frames at Costco and my husband adapted the mats to work with the pictures.

We haven't been able to afford a headboard for our bed, but having the three big pictures above the bed and nice pillow shams on the bed makes it look "finished" even without the headboard.