Saturday, August 03, 2019

Living the Pantry Lifestyle

Hi, friends!  Sorry I don't have anything to post today.  Well, except a hello.  It ended up being an incredibly busy week and I had an eye injection on Friday, the day I usually try to wind up the Saturday posts.  It always leaves me feeling crummy.  I hope to return next week with some links I want to research.  God willing and the creek don't rise.  

I am way behind on answering emails and I have two books to review, one from a young author that looks very promising. The other is my friend Heather's amazing new book that I started perusing and didn't get back to it since I was away from home more than normal.

I had a very quiet Birthday.  However, after my eye injection, I went to a couple favorite places with a little birthday money.  Yeah, I know.  I already wasn't feeling great after the injection but I don't get to that part of town very often.

I had a lot of fun walking the aisles of the huge antique mall about a mile from the retinal specialist's office.  I have a few things that I still look for if I can find a great deal.  For instance, vintage Pyrex bowls.  They are extremely pricey as a set (like $125.00!) but there are great deals at the little Mom and Pop booths as orphans, the most expensive was $10.00 for the large yellow bowl a few years ago.

That is how I collected most teacups and saucers (the rest were gifts or rare times I bought one new for a specific purpose).  Orphan teacups look beautiful together and let's face it... every orphan needs a home.  Especially if they are made of fine china... or Pyrex.  I also collected part of my brown transferware dishes this way, although they are harder to find.

I needed (really, I did) another rolling pen for the display I have in a basket.  I had a red handled rolling pen I bought cheap at another antique mall, one with a green handle my daughter gave me, and I needed a third to keep the other two more steady.  Guess what I found for $8.00?  A rolling pen that had a yellow handle with a red edge.  Yes!  I saw that as a birthday gift from God and an affirmation that He likes my red and yellow decorating.  After all, He created those colors.

When I arrived home, I did a little housework to keep up with everything and then headed for the sofa.  By this time, my eye was complaining about getting a needle and medicine injected into it.  So no screen time and no typing.  Instead you get to hear me wax poetic about orphan china (not orphans in China).

Oh... while on the sofa, I did watch a film about a biological attack on the USA that reminded me why people may need to stay inside their house for awhile.  I had seen it before and knew it was very well done.  Especially for a made-for-TV movie circa pre-9/11.  I will put a link below.

I hope to get the emails caught up and the books read this week.  I missed Heather's Publication Day but I will write a review Wednesday. 

Mentioned in the Blog Post
Winds of Terror... info here.
This does not have stuff blowing up.  Instead it is a scenario of a biological weapon being let go on a cruise ship and then the city of Chicago.  Which is not that far from me so that was uncomfortable.

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Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Happy Belated Birthday Blessings! I loved reading about the finding of the rolling pin with the yellow handle with a red edge. They are colors that bring a smile to me and I know God meant you to find it. Praying for your health and happiness, Brenda. Be well!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a most blessed and happy belated birthday!! Praying your eye feels better and better! Isn’t it Wonderful when you find special treasures that seem meant just for you? So happy for your special finds, especially after enduring an eye injection! I love how God knows us so well and enjoys blessing us, no matter how small. Take care....
Hugs and Blessings,
Laura C (WA)

Vee said...

I did not know that about Pyrex. One day a decade ago, I decided that I had too many bowls. I really did. So I packed up two shelves worth and got some space back. Until this moment, I never gave it a thought. Now I realize that I gave away my Pyrex set and a milk glass bowl set. Yikes! Oh well, I’m sure that someone is enjoying them somewhere.

Rest and feel better, Brenda. I’m glad that you got a little retail therapy in as well as eye treatment. Praying for healing and comfort.

tealady said...

Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a blessed day. I can empathize with you I am fighting my second bout of shingles in my right eye, first time hurt worse than the second one. I will have to watch that movie. We sold our home awhile back and am living in a nice apartment. Hubby didn't want to cut grass or shovel anymore. L love this place, I have a huge walk-in pantry it will take a while to fill that up but I am working on it a little bit at a time. I was really happy last week my dear hubby surprised me with an extra$200. to stock the pantry, now that's a gift for a girl like me, I'd rather go food shopping than clothe shopping.

Shirley said...

Happy belated birthday, Brenda! I, too, need to visit a Retinal clinic for an injection in my left eye (for macular degeneration.) I started out every four weeks and now I go every 12 weeks. I know the feeling crummy that follows.
I love your column and look forward to each issue! I'm waiting for the copy (large print) I ordered from the library of Wind in the Willows. Can hardly wait. Take good care. Shirley Pacific Nortwest

Judy said...

I enjoyed the musings of this blogpost, Brenda.

God has graciously spoken His love to my heart in inexpensive items found in thrift stores at various times, during hard seasons, too. I'm glad He brought you delight during your birthday wander.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a splendid excursion (if you ignore the injection part)!

My Happy birthday wishes are late, but sincere. 🎂